Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Finally the Cold Front that affected the northern part of the island retired. So, the winds lowered their intensity and  the swell was also greatly reduced. We take advantage of this to meet in our traditional place of Villa Pesquera Isabela. Presents were Luis Ruiz, Alex Diaz, Ted Sowinski, the international pilot Allan Young and the new student of the Team, Dave Pazan.

Winds entered gently from the North. Allan and Alex quickly took advantage to fly together around the surroundings that included Jobos Beach and the Guajataca Tunnel. Ted accompanied them a little later.

While Luis, as part of Dave’s intensive training, took him in a Tandem fly where Dave was much of the flight in charge of the controls. For Dave, being a private airplane pilot, and practicing “Kite Surfing”, the Paramotor has been very natural for him.

As for Allan, he is very surprised by the beauty of the coast of Isabela and even mentioned this flight as his “best fly ever so far” … Alex on the other hand, in addition to a great flight, did something that is not typical of him, and this time he managed to land standing, one of the biggest challenges he has had in his career in sports, because he also tend to sit while landing. You keep progressing Alex, congratulations 💪!!!!

We picked up in the afternoon, even in good weather. Tomorrow we are thinking about return again, at least in the afternoon. Stay Tuned …

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