Sunday, February 23, 2020

After the big day of yesterday in Barceloneta, today we met in “Parque del Norte” Hatillo. Originally the plans were to meet in Isabela, but a strong cold front that came from the USA forced us to change the plans early in the morning.

In the Luis’s route heading to Hatillo, he was able to witness how the winds entered strongly from the South throughout the western area to Isabela. Then as he passed the town of Quebradillas, the winds stabilized and just past Camuy and Hatillo he encounter the winds entering from North. Very good for flying.

The idea of ​​the day was to dedicate more time to our students. Yesterday with so much movement from pilots, passengers and students, simply was not possible.

Presents today were:

Luis Ruiz
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Ariel Rodríguez and his wife Wanda
Ted Sowinski
Mark Grabowski
Marty Ashley, from Wisconsin, USA

Marty take off early in the morning with a Fly Products Rider Atom80 and paragliding BGD Luna, he was accompanied in the air by Pablo. He made two good flights around and was very happy with his experience in laminar winds. In Wisconsin he always fly in thermal air conditions.

For his part, Luis dedicated time to the official beginning of Ariel’s training, covering the technical and theoretical part before starting to practice with the paraglider. In the meantime, Alberto and Mark practiced the controls with paragliders. At one point we put the Paramotor on Alberto’s back as part of his practice, if everything went well, he could turn and go flying. Eventually, this was not possible as the weather began to deteriorate. Anyway was a great  practice for Alberto.

At about 1 PM the wind increase accompanied by rains that came from the West. So, we finish our activity in Hatillo. For Ted and Luis didn’t end there. They met later in the day at the Pico de Piedra Beach in Aguada. Luis made several flights testing the new BGD Wasp paraglider before the end of the afternoon.

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