Saturday, February 29, 2020

Excellent weather to fly and practice. Even more when the destinations are the beautiful town of Isabela ❤️… It was coordinated with most of the Kamikazes Team to make the official weekend meeting for Sunday morning. But some students and pilots were present today taking advantage of the weather.

Among those present were Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Chelo Meléndez with his daughter Arialis, Ted Sowinski, his friend Kendra and co-worker named Cole. Also Ariel Rodríguez, Luis Ruiz and from Colorado, USA, we were visited by the international Paramotor pilot Ryan Cook, his wife Miranda and mother Anne.

The morning began with some necessarily repairs to Chelo’s Paramotor and Ariel’s intensive training.  He started his classes last week, but due to an adverse climate, not been able to start kiting the paragliding. Finally, Ariel not only practiced in the morning, he practices all day! This shows how serious he is about learning, we do not doubt that he will soon be in the air.

In the meantime, once Chelo left everything ready with the Paramotor, he took off with excellence and went with Pablo to fly around. This was Chelo’s first flight with his new paramotor and paraglider. So imagine how happy he was, and more with the excellent flight conditions. As part of the morning Luis made a Paramotor Tandem fly to Cole, he had come on Kendra’s recommendation, to live the experience. Luis took him flying along the coast to Jobos Beach and the Jacinto Pit. They were accompanied in the air by Ted. “Just absolute Awesome” were the words of Cole at the moment of land…

In Ryan’s case, this is his second visit to the island, at least to fly. And as on the first occasion, he again had excellent weather. Luis bring him a SkyMax Moster paramotor with BGD Luna paraglider with which Ryan spent an hour and a half flying and recording the surroundings. Mostly between Jobos Beach to the Guajataca Tunnel in Quebradillas. We expect to see his videos soon …

By late afternoon Noel Vale and his wife Tata came to share. Alberto Sabah also arrived to take his new Paramotor, SkyMax Moster MY20 to begin the “Break In” process with the idea of ​​trying his first flight tomorrow. We will continue…

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