Friday, February 19, 2021

Strong winds continue this season for all Puerto Rico. But at least we have a tropical climate with a temperature of 70 degrees, to be able to enjoy the flight when possible. In the United States, history has been another for our paramotor pilot friends there. Freezing temperatures for the entire continent, even normally “hot” Texas, which has had amazing snowfall these week…

The 20 mph wind projections for the entire island took us back to the beautiful Boquerón in Cabo Rojo. As always, it was time to arrive at dawn to enjoy the 2 hours of morning flight that the place normally offers us.

Saying present this time were Danis Rodríguez, Samuel Travis, Luis Ruiz with his son Ian Darrell, David Garber with his wife Amara, and surprisingly, returning from his trip to the Dominican Republic, Berto García.

As expected, there was no wind at all for take off, so the flight had to be earned. David managed to leave with his wife Amara as a companion. He used Luis’s new Tandem paraglider, the Flow “Panorama” of 32 meters. At the same time Samuel, Ian, Luis and Danis came out. Berto was facing problems and could not get out …

Today there was a particular situation on the day of flights. The whole Valley (as usual) was excellent to fly. Luis flew low across the Valley followed by Danis and Ian, the flight took them to the town of Lajas, part of La Parguera and back to Boquerón. Every time they tried to cross “Sierra Bermeja” with the intention of flying towards the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse or Parguera itself, turbulent conditions appeared.

But those who did pass the mountainous area were David with Amara and Samuel. And what a flight they had… turbulence around every corner. Amara, who is used to the turbulence they fly in Pennsylvania, says that the weather was very strong and she could not enjoy the flight as she would have liked. In addition to seeing Samuel scream with excitement when returning to land, surely it is not seen every day 😮.

In the Lajas Valley, conditions of zero or very little wind were the norm, on the other side of the Sierra Bermeja, winds of over 20 mph + 😮…, that is part of the magic of that Valley. In the end, everyone is happy with the adventures. Even Berto, who was waiting for us at the landing zone and shared with us after several months without seeing us.

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