Saturday, February 20, 2021

Forecasts that the winds would decrease their intensity, took Team Kamikazes very early to Villa Pesquera ISABELA. The margin of error this time was considerable. Finally, as has been the tradition in the past two weeks, in the end it was just windy.

At least this time, the winds were within good safety margins, to be able to fly and enjoy, as long as the pilots had the skills to do so. From early on there was 15 mph of wind that was rising until at 1 PM and settled at over 20 mph + 😑…

But this does not mean at all that we did not have a good time. In fact it was a memorable day for all who said present.

Deron Freeman, his wife Carla and children (they traveled from Connecticut to share with us)
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neysha and daughter Katelyn
David Garber and his wife Amara
Roberto Negron
Sammy Badillo
Luis Ruiz
Alberto Sabah
Eric Roman

The first to take a paraglider in his hands (BGD Seed) was the student Roberto Negrón, he was practicing all morning. He showed great progress in the day, so its future first “Solo” flight is beginning to approach …

Roberto Negron in Training…

Deron, Alberto, Luis and David were flying early. In Deron’s case, this was the only time of the week where he had the opportunity to fly (due to the wind). And he took advantage of it … with a flight about an hour and a half. Deron visits the island frequently and has already started calling Puerto Rico, “Home” 😊…

David Garber flying his Apco NRG PRO II 16.5 meters!!!

Alberto, for his part, continues his steady progress. He was flying comfortable in 15-18 mph wind conditions with no major problem.

Hermes, for his part, received his flight equipment from Luis. A SkyMax Expedition Moster and an Apco Thrust V paraglider. Now he is setup, and just waiting for the weather conditions to improve. Surely we will have a lot more news from Hermes in the coming weeks.

Hermes mounting his Paramotor in “La Chustra”

Pablo and Sammy decided not to fly, and rather stayed sharing with the Team. It was also the case of Eric Román, who is already in the last details of his ParaJet Paramotor to keep everything up to date.

In the meantime, David Garber and Luis, were making some Demo flights. David was flying with Lyn Guess, a native of the Philippines, but residing in Puerto Rico, and Luis took his long-time friend Mariela Chaves for a ride. She had always been on the lookout for flying and today was just the day 😊! Both girls enjoyed it to the fullest, and here are some videos that best describe their experiences!!!

👉The Live VIDEO from Mariela Chaves while flying with Luis!!!👈

Flying Together…
Lyn Guess landing with David Garber!!!
The Landing of Mariela Chaves!!!
Mariela and Lyn express about their flights!!!

Later in the afternoon, it gets real wind. Without much planning, we decided to have a small BBQ at Alberto’s house in Isabela. We passed the afternoon having a great time without much plans. Especially with the presence of Deron and his family, with whom we could hardly share during the course of the week.

But, again, more than words …, here is a video that best describes what was experienced at Alberto’s house. We hope conditions will improve in the coming days … Stay Tuned 💪…

Too Windy, then BBQ is ON…
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