Saturday, February 13, 2021

It has been very windy for the entire island in the past two weeks. Which is why we have limited our flight activities.

That being said, it doesn’t mean we haven’t flown. Is just that we had to sacrifice a little more to achieve ideal conditions to enjoy the flight.

This time we returned to the morning flight in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. We arrived there around 6 AM. Present were, the pilots Samuel Travis (arriving from Humacao before 5:30 AM 😲!!!), David Garber and his wife Amara, Luis Ruiz and their son Ian Darrell, and the girls Luz Mar and Angela, both residing in Boquerón and looking to enjoy the experience of the paramotor flight.

The first to fly were Samuel and Ian, both coming out just as the sun began to appear on the horizon. Later, David went flying with Luz Mar, while Luis, this time using a Trike (Paramotor with wheels, for cero wind conditions launch), went out with Angela.

Luis landing with Angela.

The routes of flights reached Combate and Boquerón Beach on one side, and the entire Lajas Valley, up to the well-known “Arturo Track” on the other.

As expected in Boquerón, the weather was excellent for flying, and it remained that way pass 8 AM. At this hour Samuel still flying and enjoying the sky of Boqueron.

The action in 30 seconds…

After this flights, everyone of us had commitments to attend to. But it was a unique and privileged way, to be able to start the morning in this way.

As always, thank God 🙏.

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