Monday, September 06, 2021

The Team Kamikazes pilots, Omar Colon and Luis Ruiz went to Villa Pesquera Isabela very early. The idea, apart from flying, was to fulfill some commitments of Demo flights, of Rubén Villanueva and his family. They traveled all the way from Trujillo Alto, and they had pending to Live their Experiences in the Paramotor. Kiara, Jenhsy (who had his birthday) and Rubén Villanueva were ready for the adventure.

They all arrived at the appointed time, 8 AM. BUT there was a downside, this time the morning had dawned rainy. And with these rains, the paragliders of Omar and Luis had gotten wet when they were lying ready to take off. This made flying more difficult, as the gliders get very heavy and difficult to inflate.

After things stabilized a bit and we somehow dry a little bit the paragliders, Luis, assisted by Omar, flew Kyara, then Ruben, and finally Jenhsy. Everyone was very happy with their flight and the overall adventure that flying through the rainy clouds. In fact, Kyara is considering starting her training to become a Paramotor pilot at the end of the year. Stay tuned…

We finished the activity at around 10 AM. And everyone is happy with the adventures.


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