Thursday and Friday, September 9 / 10, 2021

We continue to take advantage of pleasant mornings to practice our sport. This time, we continue our activities, both Thursday and Friday.


Students’ day… The Kamikaze pilots Omar Colon, Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell, Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda, Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia and Melissa Earl met at Isabela from 8 AM. Not bad for a weekday. Both Omar and Edgardo were flying along the entire coast that included flying over the Guajataca Tunnel in Quebradillas.

Ian was accompanying them for a while. Later he was assisting Luis Ruiz with some Demo flights introducing the sport. These to Javier Rivera and his wife Angela, who traveled from Juncos, and also to James, who is visiting the island and residing in Florida, USA.

Later, Luis was assisting Melissa on her second Paramotor flight. This time the wind was softer than the first day, so the takeoff procedure was a bit complicated. Was a good learning experience for her. She continue to polish her skills.

After a couple of tries and adjustments, Melissa took off with authority and this time she was flying for about an hour 💪!. Melissa says that this time she was able to enjoy her flight more and that she even flew over the top of the Royal Isabela. She used a Paramotor SkyMax Expedition EOS100 and a Flow Cosmos Power paraglider from the school.

Ricardo, for his part, flew, in fact, he took off very well. But a change of equipment meant that his flight did not last long, apparently his old Para Toys paraglider has already made its last flight, and didn’t help Ricardo at all. But he was in good spirits there and we continue to make a lot of progress these days.


Luis Ruiz went to Isabela early to meet with Héctor and his wife Kathy Spaid, natives of Ponce, and residing in Parguera, Lajas. They comes in order that Kathy could Live the Experience in the Paramotor as part of her birthday!!!.

We took advantage of the good conditions in the morning to give Kathy a long flight. She was so comfortable that she said she could be flying all morning, 😊. That’s the idea. And surely Kathy had an unforgettable birthday. Thanks God 🙏.

Some shorts Videos taken by Kathy…

Kathy 1/4
Kathy 2/4
Kathy 3/4
Kathy 4/4

Official Video…


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