Sunday, September 05, 2021

After a windy Saturday in Hatillo, we returned this Sunday to Villa Pesquera, Isabela. This time the weather conditions were better for flying.

Today was mostly a day of Demo Flights, an introduction to new friends in the sport. From different parts of the island arrived… Yomaira and Daniel from Utuado, Wandy Pagan from Coamo, Widalys Coto and Zahira Alsina from Lajas, Jennifer and Maribel also from the West and María, on their birthday with their grandchildren Elwin and Gili, were traveling from San Juan.

Luis Ruiz and Ian Darrell with hands full. And thank God, each and every one of the people who enjoyed their introductory flights, left there with great satisfaction and wanting to fly again. And that’s what it’s about 🙏…

Meanwhile, we also had a Full House of pilots from the Kamikazes family. We can mention Adam Travis, flying his new 17 meter Flow RPM paraglider for the first time, and his impressions. Also were present / or flown, Pablo Cruz and his wife Milly, Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne, Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia, Noel Vale, Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda, Sammy Badillo, Omar Colon, Hermes Ferrer, Robert Rodríguez and Danis Rodríguez. We also had the visit of the now retired member of the Team, Papo Quiñonez, a native of Moca.

Anyway, a lot to tell. All pilots with an adventure, so we will leave the writings a bit to include more photos and video with this story 💪.


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