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F1 is the highest performance paramotor wing APCO has ever brought to the market.
It is packed with unique technology and advanced solutions producing a truly high end, high performance wing. Is intended for advanced cross country flying and classic paramotor competitions.


The Fast One :: F1 – Is in a class of its own! A dedicated cross country wing, intended for classic competitions – a fast, efficient flying machine. Combining high aspect ratio with a full reflex profile results in performance and efficiency which are packaged into a very user friendly, coherent product that will take any experienced pilot to the next level!

Incorporated into the F1 is our Flow Aligned Ribs (FAR) feature, morphing direction from center to tip, it aligns the ribs with the natural direction of the flow, increasing both performance and stability throughout the speed range. The roll stability of the F1 is especially impressive, allowing for agile, precise handling.

The canopy incorporates 2 functional “3D cuts” for the best possible leading edge shape definition. Sail tension has been optimized to be a homogeneous unit, solid and reassuring in flight.

The riser / speed system / trim system was re-designed to incorporate all of Apco’s groundbreaking technologies, and has a greater usable range than any wing we have built before. The extensive speed range means you can launch and land at reasonable speeds, but can accelerate (speeds of up to 80 [km/hour]) with comfort during competition, or on the perfect long distance XC flight you’ve been dreaming about – but, be warned, unless your mates are on the F1 too, you will be flying alone!

With the trimmers closed, the F1 will thermal well, and has exceptional glide ratio (for a full reflex profile wing), so if you like to mix it up on a good day, idle or cut the motor and crank it up to cloud-base with ease. Open the trimmers and enjoy a significant speed increase of approx. 15 [km/h] (without the use of the speed bar). Choose the speed bar and the OAA system will allow you to accelerate to the maximum in one swift motion!

Positioned as the top performing wing in our range, it will satisfy any experienced pilot who can settle for nothing but the best!



    Slower speed than you would expect for such a wing. Best results will be achieved with trimmers fully closed. All thanks to new highly efficient reflex profile.


    Approaches and flares like a competition class paraglider. With a highly efficient flare, that allows for gradual squeezing of all the speed/kinetic energy down to a soft landing.


    Accurate and agile, with great roll stability/self leveling out of turns – back into cross country “flying on rails” efficiency!


    High aspect ratio, high performance design with the highest, safe, speed increase from opening the trimmers.
    The F1 is the weapon of choice for the XC / competition Warriors.

  • F1

    The APCO F1 is the ultimate Speed Machine, designed for competition,
    but will be enjoyed by all experienced pilots who wish to fly the best.


    APCO is traditionally known for using materials and building techniques which offer double and triple lifespan over the expected. The glider is made from tear resistant Rip-stop Nylon cloth, which is P.U. coated to zero porosity and then siliconized to give the fabric high resistance to the elements. Different cloth is used for the top, bottom and ribs due to their different functions.

    The F1 wing uses the same long lasting cloth as on previous APCO wings. This is to guarantee its integrity for entire expanded lifespan of the wing. Nevertheless we significantly reduced the weight of the wing thanks to advanced solutions applied, without compromising on any of APCO’s legendary durability.

    The top surface utilizes our double siliconized cloth  – top front is critical area in terms of porosity as this is where most of the lift is generated.The bottom surface has been upgraded to a lightweight 27 gr. material with an advanced ripstop arrangement which saves additional weight.The ribs are separated into supported and unsupported ribs, with lightweight material on unsupported ribs for additional weight saving.

    The lines are a mix of different materials in different positions, to optimize to the fullest the diameter/strength according to the required load.
    The top lines are our life-time warranted embedded hook in points made from Dyneema fiber.
    Middle floor is unsheathed Vectran for reducing drag.
    Bottom floor is made of unsheathed lines for further reduction in drag. Material used is Kevlar for its stability and resistance to elastic changes in length.
    The bottom section of the brake lines is made of Polyester because of its better mechanical properties. The Karabiners that attach the lines to the risers are made of stainless steel.

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