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The Sirocco 3 is our most versatile PPG wing yet, suitable for a wide range of pilots and flying styles. A great all-rounder, fantastic for both XC flying and traditional competitions.



Product Info

The Sirocco3 is the light version of the Speedster3 but offering improved levels of performance, agility and speed in a lightweight, compact package. Designed predominantly for long distance PPG XC flights for intermediate to advanced level pilots, it is a fun, dynamic and versatile wing that is also perfect for low level carving, slalom flying and as a lightweight travel companion.

The design incorporates a fully reflexed profile along with the latest technologies taken from our high performance paragliding range, the development of which is guided by feedback from paramotor pilots all over the world and tested by the world’s best. Although specifically designed for PPG, due to the high levels of efficiency and excellent handling characteristics the Sirocco can also be used for free flying – ideal for ridge soaring, thermalling even XC flights.

The Pilot

The Sirocco3 is designed for intermediate and advanced level pilots alike. However due to its easy launch and flying characteristics it is also suitable for intermediate pilots progressing from lower level wings, such as the Roadster or Kona, along with more experienced pilots who do not want the extra demands of a higher aspect ratio competition level wing.

Speed and Stability

The core elements of an effective Paramotoring wing are speed and stability. The Sirocco  is fast, but more importantly, solid throughout the speed range. The large trim range allows high speed cruising without the need to engage the accelerator system. At full speed the Sirocco remains very resistant to collapses, even in turbulent air and is easy to maintain thanks to the super smooth action of the risers that does not deform the profile. The risers are simple and easy to use, the full foot-operated accelerator range is always accessible irrespective of the trimmer position. Unlike some other PPG wings, it is safe and possible to use the full range of the speed system even with the trimmers in the standard (slow) position without reducing the inherent stability of the profile.

The carefully designed and tested OZRP reflex profile is not only solid and fast but also forgiving. As the amount of reflex increases in a profile, certain other parameters can suffer: namely, ease of launch, quality of handling, fuel efficiency, and passive safety. These categories, for us, are extremely important and not to be compromised, we always strive to implement intelligent combinations of stable profiles and complex internal structures to improve the development of the Sirocco range.


Compared to the Speedster the Sirocco offers improved sink rate and glide performance along with a higher top speed for higher levels of XC efficiency. Thanks to the lighter sail, the agility, precision and handling have been improved, with a more precise, fun and dynamic feel. Another benefit of the lighter sail is easier ground handling and inflation characteristics for faster take offs requiring less distance.


At Ozone handling is a top priority in every wing we design. From our most basic school wing to the highest performing competition wings, we always aim to make wings that are a pleasure to fly. The Sirocco’s agile and responsive handling is a result of hundreds of hours of testing and refinement from an experienced design team and some of the World’s best pilots. The Sirocco 3 is agile and fun, handling like a paragliding wing rather than a normal reflexed PPG wing.

The Sirocco 3 is available to order in two steering system options, with either the standard TST or the 2D systems pre-installed by the factory. Both options are delivered with each wing so can be easily changed depending on your preference or type of flying. The character of the Sirocco 3 is determined by the wing loading, but can be transformed by the steering system. The standard TST brake set up is perfect for normal XC flying, whilst the 2D system improves the responsiveness, control and agility of the wing, perfect for low level carving or fun slalom racing. The options allow flexibility, choose the character of the wing to match your intended flight style.


The inflation and ground handling behavior is extremely important for a fun safe flight. The light cloth and lower sail weight makes handling on the ground easier and improves the inflation characteristics. Extra attention is placed on the launch characteristics of the Sirocco 3 so that it inflates evenly and with little effort in nil wind conditions, whilst inflating steadily, without over-shooting, in strong wind conditions.


The Sirocco was Ozone’s first lightweight PPG wing and now with over twenty years of lightweight R&D are able to deliver a wing that is not only top of class in terms of performance, but one of the lightest wings in its class.
The continual development of the Sirocco model range is an important mission for us, our aim is to always improve the concept to make it better, safer and more fun to fly whilst keeping weight down to a minimum. After a long development process we are now happy with the changes that have been made, our testing proves the new wing is a real pleasure to fly, with a surprisingly high top speed and a general ease of use that will appeal to discerning Paramotor pilots.


The Sirocco3 combines the well proven design elements of the Sirocco 2, Freeride slalom and our high performance paraglider range with the latest lightweight construction techniques: The arc, planform, aspect ratio, tab positioning, profile and intake positions are very similar to the Sirocco 2 but blended with the internal structure and line rigging of the Freeride. Additional top surface straps have been implemented to increase the overall tension of the sail which is spread more homogenously along the span to improve the cohesion and feel of the wing.

Fast and efficient

3D shaping in the leading edge reduces drag and increases the amount of lift generated. With two extra cells and a cleaner leasing edge, combined with the reduced amount of line drag, optimized profile and longer range trimmers, the Sirocco 3 is the most efficient Sirocco yet and even compared to the Speedster 3 offers improved sink rate and glide performance along with a higher top speed. Ideal for long XC flights, classic competitions and fun slalom races.

Stable and safe

The optimized OZRP Reflex profile accepts large amounts of turbulence without collapse throughout the speed range so is well suited for flying in thermic conditions. Load tested to the EN 926-1 standard and acknowledged by the DGAC, our extensive internal testing has shown the Sirocco 3 to exhibit very similar behaviour to the previous models and conforms to the requirements of EN C (trimmers set in the slow position).

*Note the Sirocco 3 has not been independently EN 926-2 flight tested.

Choose your style

The character of the Sirocco 3 is determined by wing loading and the choice of steering system. Centered in the weight range with the TST set up, the wing is an efficient climber perfect for normal XC flying. The 2D system improves the responsiveness, control and agility of the wing. Flying a smaller size at the top of the range transforms the character completely into a dynamic and agile wing with high levels of precision, perfect for low level carving or fun slalom racing.

Differences compared to the Sirocco 2:

  • 3D shaping leading edge
  • Extra cells and better sink rate performance
  • More performance = better fuel efficiency
  • Higher top speed
  • More speed range in the trimmers
  • More precise and dynamic handling
  • TST or 2D systems pre-installed by the factory, choose your style.

Versatility, agility and fun

The Sirocco 3 is our most versatile PPG wing yet, suitable for a wide range of pilots and flying styles. A great all-rounder, fantastic for both XC flying and traditional competitions  whilst being highly capable for aggressive low level carving and slalom racing. Choose your style.

  • Improved handling and agility
  • Factory 2D steering system
  • Long trimmer range
  • Easy inflation
  • Best efficiency for XC
  • Over 70km/h top speed

Color Options


Package Contents

Your OZONE wing is delivered standard with the following accessories:

Inner Bag, Glider Strap, Riser bag, Speed Bar, OZONE Stickers, Repair Cloth, OZONE Keyring.

You may choose to add something to your order, such as: Easy Bag (stuff bag), Light Easy bag (video), Saucisse Bag (video) (concertina packing bag), Glider Backpack, or OZONE Clothing and Accessories.


Sizes 18 20 22 24 26 28
Number of cells 56 56 56 56 56 56
Projected area (m2) 15.5 17.2 18.9 20.6 22.3 24.0
Flat Area (m2) 18 20 22 24 26 28
Projected Span (m) 7.9 8.3 8.71 9.09 9.47 9.82
Flat Span (m) 10.03 10.57 11.08 11.58 12.05 12.51
Projected Aspect Ratio 4.02 4.02 4.02 4.02 4.02 4.02
Flat Aspect Ratio 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
Root Chord (m) 2.30 2.42 2.54 2.66 2.76 2.87
Glider Weight (kg) 3.71 3.98 4.22 4.47 4.74 4.98
PG Weight Range (kg) 55-70 55-75 55-90 70-95 80-110 95-125
PPG Weight Range (kg) 55-90 55-110 55-120 70-130 80-145 95-160

* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.


  • Top Surface Cloth: Dominico N20D / Porcher 7000 E71
  • Bottom Surface Cloth: Porcher 7000 E71
  • Rib cloth: Porcher 9017 E29 (hard) / Porcher 7000 E29 (hard)
  • Upper lines: Liros DSL70
  • Liros DSL70/140
  • Lower Lines: Edelrid 7343-280/230/190

Additional information


18.0 m, 20.0 m, 22.0 m, 24.0 m, 26.0 m, 28.0 m




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