September 27, 2019

Chey Sanchez

Beginning in the Sport: July/2016

Lives in Anasco, Puerto Rico.

Notable Flights, Goal or Adventure:

  • Top Technician of Team Kamikazes. Mounting, Repair, Construction parts
  • Multiple “Cross” Flights: Hatillo all the way to Isabela back and forth – Humacao all the way to Santa Isabel – Levittown to Isabela.
  • Very Skilled at Zero wind Launch.
  • Has assisted Instructor Luis Ruiz in Training and Tandems Flights.

Equipment used:

  • Paramotors – SkyMax Expedition Moster, Fly Products Kompress
  • Engines – Vittorazi and Corsair
  • Paragliders – Apco Lift EZ

Link at Facebook:

Some Photos/Video:

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