September 11, 2018


We will include here some Paramotors and Paragliders at very Low Price for people that are looking to enter the Sport and have Limited budget at the moment to invest in New Equipment. They’re mostly used to Teach New Students/Pilots in the School and for Rent to International Pilots that visit the Island.



1) With the buy of the Combo of Paramotor and Paraglider,  the Training Lessons are INCLUDED!!!, (Regular Cost $850. This Deal finish until Sale of Combos and/or September 25, 2020).

2) ALL Paramotors comes, between their features, with the POWER INFLATION DEVICES already Include and Installed on it. (Regular Cost goes from $300 to $350).

3) All the equipment in this page comes with SIX (6) MONTHS Warranty directly from Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico. This didn’t include damage occasioned by negligence from the Student/Pilot.

3) Helmet and Communication System are NOT included in the Combo, You should buy it separately.

4) We reserve the Right to Cancel or Hold a Sale if the client didn’t show good skills and/or physical attributes in the Training Program.

5) The “Training Included” Deal finish with the sale of equipment in Promotion and/or September 25, 2020.



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SkyMax Star EOS150 25 HP – See Details


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Apco Thrust 2019 Size L – See Details BGD Epic 2020 Size M – See Details – SOLD!!!!
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