September 6, 2018

Proud Dealer and Sponsor of…

We tried a lot of equipment, and simply use the BEST for our community of pilots that fly almost every day.

Simply the best out there…

In Paramotors we are proud dealers of….

SkyMax – 100% percent frame of Titanium and Carbon,

Pluma by Adventure – Carbon aerodynamic…

Fly Products – the Italian Brand, synonymous of art.

ParaJet – Perfection at his Best.

Then, what about our paragliders…

APCO, OZONE, BGD, and the new Kid on the Block – FLOW. Simply the best out there in reliability, performance and durability.

Engines? What about Corsair, Vittorazi, EOS…., the first two, the horses from Italy, and EOS from Austria. Quality at his best… Again second to none in this area.

And most important. The BEST prices and VALUE for the money that you could find.  Check our prices and compare… you will be back for Good🙂.

👉Special discount apply to Kamikazes Team Members and Pilots worldwide that could come to join us in the Tours along the Island.👈

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