October 2, 2019

Eduardo Pabon

Beginning in the Sport: January/2011

Lives in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico.

Notable Flights, Goal or Adventure:

  • Multiple “Cross” Flights: as Ceiba all the way to Isabela.
  • Only pilot to Cross the Island from North to South from Catano to Juana Diaz
  • Fly in front of “Cueva Ventana” Arecibo.
  • Great gentleman, and skilled pilot.
  • Assist the Instructor Luis Ruiz in the training to Students and Passengers flights.

Equipment used:

  • Paramotors – Fly Products Custom Black Devil
  • Engines – Corsair, Vittorazi, Simonini
  • Paragliders – Apco Lift

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Some Photos/Video:

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