October 10, 2019

Pablo Cruz

Beginning in the Sport: Dec/2006

Lives in Hatillo, Puerto Rico.

Nickname: Tuto

Notable Flights, Goal or Adventure:

  • One of the Veteran of the Team and a great Gentleman, always pending to help everyone in the Sport.
  • Assist the Instructor Luis Ruiz with the Training and Tandem Flights to passenger.
  • Specialist in make “Towing” flights to new students of the Team.
  • Thousands of Flying hours in his records.
  • Notables Long “Cross” Flights around the island with the Team.
  • International Pilot, flying in different Countries.
  • Wooden Propeller Manufacturer
  • One of the Chef of the BBQ of the Team.

Equipment used:

  • Paramotors – Fly Products Power Gold
  • Engines – Simonini
  • Paragliders – Apco Force 2

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Some Photos/Video:

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