October 10, 2019

Rafa Guerrero

Beginning in the Sport: Nov/2009

Lives in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Notable Flights, Goal or Adventure:

  • One of the Veteran of the Team and a great Gentleman.
  • Made Long “Cross” Flights around the island with the Team, that include Palomino and Icacos Island.
  • Notable the Cross Fly from Levittown all the way to Coamo in 2012.
  • International Pilot, flying in different Countries and Events
  • Have a career in Sports as Swimming, Basketball and Cycling, where he cover the PR Tour in a event.

Equipment used:

  • Paramotors – Fly Products Power Gold
  • Engines – Simonini
  • Paragliders – Ozone Roadster

Link at Facebook:

Some Photos/Video:

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