January 28, 2020

Ted Sowinski

Beginning in the Sport: February 13, 2019

Natural from Oklahoma, USA, but actually residing between Rincon and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Notable Flights, Goal or Adventure: Spent some years riding all USA in bicycle. Some articles were made about his story, like “Forrest Gump” but in real and bicycle. He comes to Puerto Rico working with FEMA for the restoration of the Island after the losses of Hurricane Maria. After that he gets in Love with the island and for our passion of Paramotor….

  • Best Word that describe him: Great Human Being
  • Assist the Instructor Luis Ruiz in the training to Students and Passengers flights.
  • Always ready to help others in the Team.
  • He gets in love with the island and our people. Right now he is considering moving complete to live full time in the island. We are very fortunate to meet Ted, and that he is part of our family Team.

Equipment used:

  • Paramotor – SkyMax Star Moster
  • Engines – Vittorazi
  • Paraglider – Apco Thrust V
  • Link at Facebook –

Some Photos/Videos:


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