Sunday, September 02, 2018

The month of September arrived, and with it, the Peak of our Hurricane Season…So, for this month we can expect to have days with very bad climates and other very good days. Today in particular, we had a bit of both.

First, Luis Ruiz and Nixon Porrata met, early in the day at the Lajas Valley. This in our traditional fly zone in PR305. We arrive with equipment ready to fly. The detail to fly early in the morning is the zero wind intensity, that means that you need to earn your fly. Novice pilots could be trying all day to launch without success, a proper run and control of paraglider while accelerating is necessary for having success … Both Nixon and Luis went flying at the first attempt. The plans were to fly across the valley in the direction of Guanica to where the Valley ended and the mountains of Guayanilla and Yauco. So, We did it, a cross flight of 30 miles covered in that area at a little more than an hour of flying.

We took some break in the morning, and met again at midday  at Rancho Grande of Anasco City. This at the West of Puerto Rico. Presents or arriving were the Kamikazes pilots Eduardo Pabon his wife Esther, and Michael Diaz with their parents Papo and Dali and his sister. The weather at midday was good with constant wind entering from West to East. Michael and Eduardo went flying together with Luis and Nixon, and after a half hour everyone had to land due to the rain that was approaching to us.

The rain maintain ALL afternoon over us, no more flying were possible. Sad, because as the time runs, more pilots and friends arrive to Anasco. Apart from those mentioned above, Pablo Cruz his wife Millie, Ricardo González  his wife Ermelinda, Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene, also arrived. From Rincon arrive Jason Scheurer and his girlfriend Julie. Omar Román his wife Limaris, Gabriel Martínez his wife Arlene, Gregory Santiago and his daughter Keyra, Noel Vale his wife Tata, Jessica Cruz, wife of Luis also arrived with her children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique. Anyway. Much desire, and at least he had a good time sharing inside the business fill with music and food. There will be better flight days, no doubt.

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