Friday, October 12, 2018

The “Corona Pro Surf Circuit” Event in “Middles” Beach of Isabela is ON…, a competition of the best exponents of the sport making a stop on the island. We have had the opportunity to fly it in previous years and this year was no exception. This time we went to “Posa of Teodoro” located next to “Middles” Beach, place of the Event. Luis Ruiz was accompanied by the pilot Berto Garcia, and moments later appeared for enjoy a trip in paramotor Luzmar Soneira and Brittany, who reside in San Germán. They knew about our intentions and communicate with us to plan the adventure.
Luis and Berto went to fly while waiting for the girls, they comes all the way from San German Town.

The girls arrived by 10:30 AM, and we were ready for the adventure.   At the end, both were very happy with their experiences and the freedom feeling of the fly. The flights covered the activity of “surfing” and we went all the way to Jobos Beach and even to Villa Montaña, and the reefs of “Shacks”.

At about 2 PM we finished the activity, and Berto and Luis going for  lunch before return to their respective homes. The Event should be better by tomorrow, but by previous commitments we will not be able to attend. Always we thank God for this opportunities.

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