Sunday, October 21, 2018

With Luis Ruiz back on the island, we returned to the weekend activities of Team Kamikazes, this time we decided to attend the North Park of Hatillo where the conditions for the day looked great. Presents were, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Alex Diaz and his wife Belén, Ricardo González, Omar Román, Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique. Also, visiting us, Raymond Bonilla, a local pilot living in the United States. He had to adapt quickly to windy conditions unlike his experiences in the United States.
We were flying all day. Luis made a “Tandem” flight to Angel Lopez who bought his ticket through the “Oferta del Dia” promotion, while Pablo and Omar accompanied him flying around. On the other hand, it was very remarkable the practice and “Towing” flights that Jessica made in the way of flying “alone” for first time. She is getting closer and closer to achieving it. Pablo always giving the help pulling the rope.
We were in the area until 6 PM, when the park closed operations. Good flight conditions are presented in the coming months, and we will keep you informed of future activities.

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