Saturday, August 18, 2018

Being a pilot “Kamikaze” five stars, it is not done overnight, it requires discipline, sacrifice, skill and above all passion. And is that when some are active flying “when you can”, these pilots to which we refer, make the weather, and if it is not good somewhere move without thinking twice where you can fly. And today was one of those days where what we are mentioning is exemplified. The weather has not cooperated in weeks, but even so there was a lot of desire to fly and share, initially we went to Ceiba and it was not until the same Saturday morning that we saw a window of flights in the northern area and towards there we went, Park North in Hatillo. Not everyone who could have arrived did so, but those who did, flew to exhaustion, and as always they continued to refine their skills and bring more stories and accomplishments to their record. Saying present were, Omar Román, Nixon Porrata (who I carry in spite of being sick, breaks bones), Luis Ruiz, Juan Carlos Correa and his son Jean Marcel, Carlos Candido Rodríguez, David Silva, Pablo Cruz, and Gregory Santiago and their daughter Keyra. Gregory despite having a hurt knee, there he was, with a “Trike” looking at the possibility of flying. The morning was started by Luis and Omar flying around 9 AM when the wind was about 8 mph from the East and as the wind increased in intensity, little by little they joined Nixon, David, JC and CC, who were flying Throughout the Coast and even several of them came to Plaza Atlántico de Arecibo and the surroundings.

Pablo had commitments in the afternoon but even so he also turned around and attended Luis on a tandem flight that came up, already with winds above 18 mph, his passenger Claudia, did not know very well what he was going, his partner Miguel Coll had taken her surprise type from San Juan and the thing had been complicated by the intensity of winds, even so Luis decided to try with his smaller paraglider to make these flights, and the result could not be more rewarding, Claudia was very happy then of your flight and that’s what it’s about, they already promised to return …

After this flight “cross” but the intensity of winds already exceeded 20 mph and we were reconsidering the options. We decided to stop the activity, but the activities of the day did not end there. It turns out that CC, JC, Gregory, Keyra and Jean Marcel went straight to Playa “Machos” of Ceiba where the wind gauges indicated it was good to fly (12 mph ESE). And so it was, after almost 2 hours of travel, arriving at around 4 PM, and there they were, what’s more to say that even Gregory, who is not supposed to fly, flew …, they flew in “cross” to the Hotel The Conqueror in Fajardo and the nearby islands While Jean Marcel gave hard practices, and we believe that he is ready for bigger challenges. We will keep you informed.

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