Saturday, August 25, 2018

Team Kamikazes on route to "Machos" Beach in Ceiba, where the forecasts for the week 
indicated that we could fly all day, and many plans had been made and Luis Ruiz, Nixon 
Porrata, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie went there. Juan Carlos Correa and his sons Jean 
Marcel and Gian Carlos, Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther, Carlos Candido Rodríguez and his 
wife Wilma, Gregory Santiago, Luis "Tiza" López his wife Elisabeth and children, David Silva, 
Omar Román, Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda, Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene, 
Michael Diaz, Monchy Cruz, the new student of the Craig Sellars Team, who is an expert 
parachutist making his entrance to the sport and people who came to live his experience in 
paramotor, Gina Rosas ( I bought his coupon through the Offer of the Day), Nathalie Rivera 
and Rosa, a resident of Ceiba and who came to repeat his experience. In short, a lot of 
activity in the day and surrounded by great friendships.


Flights started with a little more wind than desired, 15 to 18 mph ESE were fairly constant 
throughout the day. The important thing is that they stayed constant and with this we would 
work the day. They began CC, JC, Pablo, Chey, David, and Omar planning a warm-up flight in 
the direction of Isleta Marina and Isla de Ramos, these plans were lengthened until arriving 
at the Hotel "El Conquistador" in Fajardo. While Nixon and Eduardo were in the Ceiba area, 
who checked and adjusted teams, it was good to have Eduardo and Esther back after a few weeks 
in which they had not been able to attend for work reasons. Later on, the idea of ​​making a 
precision landing event had to be postponed since the pilots were a bit reluctant to turn 
off the engine at altitude to make the approaches, this surprised Luis who understood that 
the test imposed was not difficult , only Omar was relatively close to the mark, that 
although with the engine on, without accelerating it was about 5 meters from the mark, 
attempts by Pablo, JC, CC, David and Chey were much farther and some failed by more than 
50 meters ..., but we will work with this and / or the incentives later. A landing with an 
engine off is always good practice. And speaking of Luis, he was making the passenger flights 
which were a little delicate due to the intensity of winds, this was assisted by Pablo, CC, 
Chey, Chalk and Michael who were waiting for everything to flow well, especially at the 
moment to lift the paraglider. In the end Gina Nathalie and Rosa had a great time and happy 
about their experiences.

As for the inflation practices, Craig, starting the course today, with his previous 
experience in parachuting turned out to be a "natural", and minutes of having started the 
inflation was already dominated the inflated crossed, which is the most difficult of the 
first day of Practical, in a moment, while Luis made some flights, Craig was assisted by 
Ricardo, who in turn practiced his English, haha. Another one who was practicing was Jean 
Marcel, and he is doing quite well, at a given moment he was assisted by his brother Gian 
Carlos, his father JC and Pablo, we hope that soon he can give his first flight alone, we 
will keep him informed.

In the afternoon Michael and Gregory arrived, who had commitments in the morning and managed to arrive in the afternoon and quickly joined the flyer, Michael demonstrating great control and skill, and Gregory, who next week will have to undergo a operation and will be out for a while, but today was taking advantage of the weather that allowed him to fly, and fly in that way, not only tired of flying but even quite impressive stunts performed, apart from his traditional flight “cross” by the surroundings. As for Monchy, who is considering retaking the sport, he arrived a little late, but quickly took the opportunity to practice inflated with the sporting wing of Luis, a BGD Luna, and after the adjustments of rigor, at dusk he dominated it quite well , so we thought that soon he could already be flying with us. At the end of the afternoon another “cross” flight through the islands, “El Conquistador” and the Faro de Fajardo were forced to finish the activities. We always thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live …

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