Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Team Kamikazes went to 10 AM to Villa Pesquera de Isabela. Presents were Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica Cruz, Nixon Porrata, and Antonio Arias. As expected the weather conditions simply spectacular, a breeze of 4 to 8 mph from the NE was maintained all day until the close of activity at 3 PM. Nixon gave his flights through the area taking advantage of his last day of flights of this visit to the island, tomorrow He depart to Dominican Republic, but today he was simply enjoying his flights.

Antonio, meanwhile, was returning to Puerto Rico after an absence of a couple of months where he was serving
his professional commitments in places as distant as Russia and Australia. Taking back the things where he had left them, ready for his first “solo” flight on the paramotor. At about 15 minutes of practice with paragliding and showing excellence,  Luis gave him green light to his first attempt. After the instructions of rigor and to verify that the communication system was working. Antonio left for the first time and as an expert. He was flying 40 minutes near our area to acclimatize to the behavior of the Paragliding and the paramotor. His landing was also an excellent one. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Meanwhile, Jessica, was getting ready for her first flight “alone” in the Paramotor. She was learning to control the
paraglider with the paramotor on his back. She feels at first uncomfortable with the weight of the paramotor in his back and them with the location of the helmet in his head. But this is part of the process. 

In short, it was a good practice and later we will be correcting some details in the way of its first flight. After midday the first “cross” flight of Antonio was coordinated, this would continue in flight with Nixon in the direction of Jobos Beach and its surroundings. Again, his take off was excellent, his flight took an hour and his landing was good.  Rain was approaching and maybe by tomorrow we will begin to feel some effect of the nearby storm.

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