Saturday, September 15, 2018

One day after the passage of Storm Isaac through the South of the island, we ventured to look for adequate flight conditions to practice our sport. The plans started to go to Santa Isabel, but the rain associated with the system made us correct the route. Finally, there was no other option but to visit our beloved Villa Pesquera of Isabela, where
the forecast presented the best flight alternatives.

We arrived at 9:30 AM and the sky looked “glazed” and with a slight NNE breeze of 2 to 4 mph. Luis Ruiz after preparing the tent and some chairs, went to fly along the coast in the direction of Aguadilla City. Presents were his wife Jessica Cruz and his son Noah Enrique. The pilots Alex Diaz, Omar Román, Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther.

With the arrival of the pilots we observed that the weather was beginning to deteriorate as some high clouds
came traveling from south to north. This is part of the tail of the Storm, so we decided to maintain on Hold until the
system passed. We took the opportunity to bring classes of kite to Alex and Noah Enrique.

Turned out, something that we did not see coming…, with the high clouds a rain was coming with heavy winds to us without any warning…. and easily exceeded 30 mph of gust winds!!!!, Luis alerted Alex not to inflate before the wind came, but it was too late, the wind just arrived very strong, causing Alex to lose control, it was up to Luis to jump on Alex’s paraglider and at the same time caught Noah Enrique below him so that no one left “flying”, Omar came quickly to assist in the situation.

The tent suffered damage, we protected ourselves as best we could until the system retire. Later, as usually happens, the calm came, and the sky “glazed” again. Some minutes passed and we get back on track again. Alex notices that has some pain in the shoulder and decide to rest. Omar and Eduardo gets some flying time and confirmed that the weather was good again. We were active until 3 PM, with a good climate of N winds of 5 mph, ideal
to fly the entire coast. Tomorrow we expect better weather and more pilots and friends.

Meanwhile at the Arroyo – Patillas airport, Carlos Candido Rodríguez and his son CC Jr., taking advantage of zero winds  conditions fly around all coast in the area. Here are some of their videos, hope you like it.

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