Thursday, November 08, 2018

Luis Ruiz was in the afternoon ready to fly in Villa Pesquera of Isabela. The weather looked great all day long and was getting deteriorate as the hours passed in the afternoon. This time Luis did not have confirmed plans to fly passengers. Rather, he was waiting to take a private flight around the area. But once he arrived, he was approached by a person named Alex Rodriguez, accompanied by his mother, and the story is that Alex, had been watching us fly our paramotors from long time. Now he wanted to fly before leaving to his home in Chicago next week. We were agreed to make the flight and Alex even helped Luis in the equipment preparations.
After the preparation, The Tandem Fly was realize without inconvenience, Alex had a great time in his experience in the paramotor, taking photos around the route. Our friend Joel Crespo, was passing by, and took some photos of the activity. The flight initially took place in the surroundings area, but later we flew towards “Poza de Teodoro” and “Middles” Beach. Back to Villa Pesquera, an active cloud had already positioned itself in the area and the return was turbulent.
Later in the afternoon, after Alex and his mom leaves, our friend and pilot, Danis Rodríguez arrived. He lives in New York, but he was passing this week on the island. The idea is to fly with Luis, but the cloud had not only positioned itself, but it was growing and now with rain and thunder. So Danis spend the afternoon practicing kite with the paraglider. Unfortunately Danis leaves for NY tomorrow, so he can not take a flight at least during this visit. A downpour indicated that it was time to leave.

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