Sunday, November 11, 2018

After the busy activity yesterday in Hatillo, today was the turn of Villa Pesquera de Isabela. Luis Ruiz had compromise to  fly Mariangelly and Jean Carlos, two young passengers who were traveling from Hatillo to live their experiences in paramotor flight.
The weather was clear, but the intensity of winds were stronger. It was more than 15 mph and was increasing. Also, the time at which the flights were scheduled did not help. Flying at noon was not the same as a flight at 9 AM with softer winds. We them check the internet to find that the winds were at 16 mph with gust of 22 mph.😱😱
Luis made a test flight before take the decision to make the flights. Was strong but laminar. Luis would use a small paraglider to compensate for the intensity of the winds. Also, Jean Carlos and Mariangelly were assisting Luis in the preparation of the two flights.
In the end both managed to fly with Luis, and they took a nice experience flying around. They promised to return to enjoy the sport in other places and with less wind. After these flights, Luis decided to finish the activities since it does not seem that the wind will go down all afternoon.

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