Saturday, November 17, 2018

Team Kamikazes was back to Parque del Norte in Hatillo. This time we had excellent weather conditions with no clouds, but …, this time the conditions were quite windy, with winds oscillating between 15 to 25 mph! At other times, we would not have been able to fly, but thanks to the technological advances of the equipment, and better and more developed pilots. This time we flew until gets exhausted. Even we do some “cross” flight in the area from Camuy to Arecibo towns.
But first we must indicate that apart from the present public, we had again Full House of pilots and friends.

Kamikazes Presents in the day:

• Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
• Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther
• Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
• Gabriel Martínez and his wife Arlene
• Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
• Berto Garcia and his son Michael
• Noel Vale and his wife Tata
• Gregory Santiago and his wife Iveyra and daughter Keyra Lis
• Carmelo Martínez and his wife Miriam
• Rafa Guerrero and his girlfriend Damaris
• Carlos Candido Rodríguez and his son CC Jr.
• Michael Diaz and his father Papo
• Juan Carlos Correa
• Omar Román
• Luis Ruiz
• David Silva

Among the most notable events, we can mention the “cross” flight that will take place at noon, and in which the pilots CC Jr., CC, Luis, Eduardo and JC were participating. On this flight we flew to Arecibo. JC arrived to the area of ​​the Lighthouse and CC passed the area of ​​the Lighthouse and even flew up to the Colon Statue! This flights were made with winds oscillating at 18 mph! On other time and with less technology, this flights would not have been possible. The return to the Parque del Norte record speeds, tailwind, from 44 to 55 mph!. CC tells us that it took him just 20 minutes to return from the Colon Statue to the Parque del Norte. Amazing!

Michael, Berto’s son, was getting some air time, with just 8 years old, is the younger pilot of the Team by far. He was getting his fly thanks to the Towing system worked by Pablo. At some point he was at more than 150 ft of altitude. Amazing! He use an Apco NRG PRO 18.5 for his fly.

Michael, Berto’s son, with just 8 years old making a Towing fly!!!

In other hand, Omar tested was testing a recording system that covered different angles of his flight. The video is shown at the bottom of this news.

Michael Diaz, on other hand, showed great skills and ability in flying these kinds of conditions. We mentioned that because Michael is still a rookie pilot. We were very surprised at his performance.

Rafa on other hand, arrived in the afternoon. He reacted surprised when seeing the pilots flying, according to him, in conditions of 13 mph of wind … We looked at it and laughed 😊, 13 mph ?, we wished. It was actually in 18 mph +. Rafa could prove it in his first takeoff attempt that even flew backwards .. Then he managed to fly in a second attempt with a small ad sportier paraglider (BGD Luna), and he showed his good level of flight.

CC and JC showed us, how much they like the “Cross” flights. These pilots, every time they prepare, is to fly for long time. They always go with the tank full of gasoline ready for adventures. JC was using during the day his speedy paraglider called “Dona Barbara” (Apco Force 2) that proved to be very fast even in these conditions. CC on other hand, demonstrated the great level of flight that has acquired. He just enjoyed flying around, just barely noticing that the wind was around 20 mph.

Ricardo on other hand, was trying to fly at a particular moment, but the wind simply was very strong and he needed to abort the attempt. In other stories, Gabriel practiced his inflation techniques and David Silva, show a great progress,  made a “Cross” fly in the morning and returned to the area when all the pilots were on the floor.

Gregory arrived at sunset with his family, they were in the town of Lajas in an activity of Keyra Lis and traveled the whole island to be reunited with us. We were very happy to see him and his family 😊. At the end of the day, part of the Team went to dinner. See the huge amount of videos and photos taken during the day. We always thank GOD for the opportunities that he brings to us.

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