Sunday, November 25, 2018

Back in business…, the excellent flight conditions continue and we arrived at the Parque del Norte in Hatillo. The pilots who went to Isabela yesterday took a break today except for Luis Ruiz and Omar Román. Yesterday was strong and today Luis have hard flies again.

Kamikaze family present:

• Luis Ruiz and his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
• David Silva and his wife Elsie
• Dimas Ruiz and his wife Deli and children Anthony and Darielito
• Gabriel Martínez and his wife Arlene
• Rafa Guerrero
• Gerardo Heinz
• Omar Román

From early on Luis was in charge of 7 passenger flights, Kristian Rivera and his friends, Kelvin, Derek, Ilka, Keriany, Melissa and Ryan arrived ready to live their experiences in paramotor flight. Again we had excellent conditions to fly and little wind …, so again, all passengers had to run to earn their flights.

Luis started flying to Keriany, the lightest girl, to take advantage and waiting for the intensity of winds to increase as the day progressed. So later the young Derek flew, and successively. The day went by Luis flying to all the passengers who gathered. And the most important thing is that everyone had a nice experience in their adventures and promising to return. See the photo section of the flies.

But this is only part of the story. It turns out that we had the pleasant visit of the pilots Kamikazes Gerardo Heinz and Dimas Ruiz, both had been inactive for various reasons and there they were back, Gerardo returning to practice and Dimas even made a flight around. Omar and Rafa Guerrero flew with them. While Gabriel waited patiently for Luis to finish the trips he had pending for supervise his flight. In the end Gabriel also went flying, with excellent take off and was flying for more than an hour around. His landing was also very good and was captured on video.

It was another day of great flight conditions and great sharing. In these days we will continue our adventures but we will take at least two days of rest to recover strength.💪💪

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