Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Excellent weather conditions continue for all of Puerto Rico to fly all day if necessary. This time we went early to Parque del Norte on Hatillo to realize the fly with friends seeking to live experience of the paramotor flight. The Kamikazes pilots Omar Román, Alex Diaz and Luis Ruiz arrived early. Also the passenger Edgar Reyes and his wife Jenny.

After verifying that at least we had enough wind for the takeoff, we assembled the equipment and prepared Edgar to fly out with Luis. Omar for his part also prepared his equipment, but with another idea. He will be going in a “cross” flight to the Colon Statue located at the boundary between Arecibo and Barceloneta. Alex on the other hand, was practicing inflation with his paraglider on the way to fly with us next Saturday.

So, Luis went to fly with Edgar and because the weather was so perfect,  they went all the way flying to Plaza Atlántico in Arecibo, and then in the return, went to the Penon Brusi in Camuy.  The flight had a duration of 50 minutes. It was so good that Edgar convinced his wife Jenny to do it. So, we prepared and made the flight of Jenny. She was very happy.  Initially, she bought the ticket as a Christmas gift for her husband, she never imagined she would end flying as part of the adventure. Jenny’s flight also covered a lot of ground between Camuy, Hatillo and part of Arecibo.

Posted by Omar Roman on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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