Sunday, December 02, 2018

Again we went back to “Rancho Grande” of Anasco. The winds on the coasts are strong and in Anasco we always have a pleasant place of flights when conditions are strong. Luis Ruiz arrived at around 10:30 AM and from there, part of the Kamikazes family arrived through the island.

Family Kamikazes present:

• Luis Ruiz and his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
• Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
• Dimas Ruiz and his wife Deli and children Anthony, Alanis and Arielito
• David Silva and his wife Elsie

The wind started to rotate, as expected, from the west around 11:30 AM, and fortunately it stayed out of the West all day, until 6 PM! Luis and Chey left early to fly to Mayaguez, to the area known as “El Pulguero”, that was full of people until noon. Later, they were joined in the flights with David and Dimas. We spent the afternoon enjoying an excellent flight climate. Luis even made a passenger flight to the young Betzy, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and she  enjoy and love the experience of the paramotor. The flight route from Luis take Betzy to Mayaguez and all the coast. Berto Garcia also flew around us with his Quick Silver plane.

While this was happening, the people of Rancho Grande attended to us, and they made sure that we did not lack anything. We left there at dusk with a flight at sunset from Chey. At around 6 PM the wind finally crossed from East direction and we ended the activity. See the photos and videos of the activity…

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