👉👉New Paramotor Line – Our Luxury Edition – Pluma by Adventure👈👈

PLUMA by Adventure, our new Luxury Paramotor Line…

We introduce for 2019, our Luxury Paramotor Equipment, the PLUMA!!! for the demanding pilot looking for the Best equipment in Quality, Durability and Lightness.

We think now that with our beloved Skymax paramotors and now PLUMA from Adventure we cover the likes of the more demanding pilots.💪💪💪

Here we include the preview of the Equipment with the Videos showing how strong it is:

Carbon fiber chassis and mobile swing arm bars and complete cage: 2,65 to 2,95 kg (5.85 to 6.50 lbs) * only !

Manufactured with technologies used by the aerospace industry, using high-performance laser cut Pre preg (per-impregnated) carbon fiber processed in an autoclave for a guarantee of quality and strength.

The «Pluma» has passed the resistance test (EAPR) at 15G for a pilot weight of 125 kg (275 lbs). A Kevlar layer (tear-resistant material) is integrated in the chassis as an additional dorsal protection for the pilot.

The foot of the chassis and all the propellers are in carbon as standard. The comfort tubes eliminate vibrations and guarantee an optimal propeller alignment and cohesion between the harness and the chassis.


The chassis is composed of two parts, the base acts a shock absorber. In the event of a severe shock it absorbs the energy and protects the pilot. For beginner pilots an additional bumper is also available.

A Kevlar layer (tear-resistant material) is integrated in the chassis as an additional dorsal protection for the pilot.On all our harnesses an airbag is available as an option to protect the pilot’s body.


The ergonomic shape of the pilot-side chassis, with a progressive curve on the vertical and horizontal axis, as well as a Thermos-compressed foam, guarantee a good comfort.

Inflight comfort is also ensured by two titanium «comfort tubes» which keep the harness in optimal position.This assembly, coupled with the mobile swing arm bars, generate a slight gap between the harness and the chassis eliminating all vibrations, compensating the torque effect and keeping an optimal propeller’s angle.All this ensures an increased sensitivity and piloting pleasure (especially with the “3D system” activated)


The swing arm bars are manufactured using the same technology as the chassis with unidirectional high-performance carbon fiber applications for a maximum strength and safety. The fixing on the chassis is assured by an Uni ball drowned on the swing arm bars, the same process used for fixing the carbon suspensions arms on the racing cars’ monocoques.

The arms were tested at 15G , reaching a «strength / weight» ratio greater than 4,2 kg per gram (262 lbs per ounce), unrivaled on the market!


The Uni ball junction exclusively allows to propose as standard the “Adventure 3D system”, where the lateral swing arm bars movement can be locked or unlocked.

Locked position: Comfort Mode , recommended for novice pilots.

Unlocked position: Dynamic Sport Mode for more dynamic piloting, which allows for active piloting with the harness, enabling the true potential of the paramotoring wing.


The new ergonomic design allows an easy and safe harness assembly.


Unique cage size for propellers diameters 115 and 130 cm (45,3 and 51,2 inch).

Five shaped arcs and four lightweight and resistant carbon spokes allow the assembly easy and fast, the tension of the net is done in one easy procedure. Compact, lightweight tank with a capacity of 11 liters (2,9 US gal), allowing to fly and take off with 1 liter (0,3 US gal) of fuel only. The filling is easy and it can also be easily disassembled for storage and handling.


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