Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Day, and we had the visit of Evan Purdy, from Florida, USA. Evan is an excellent paramotor pilot, and he comes to the island for a few days to get away from the cold of the USA.

Despite being a difficult day, for the holiday, in the afternoon we met and went to look where to fly. The weather has already turned windy, which is normal for this time of year. So things got somewhat complicated.

We went to our faithful flight area, Rancho Grande of Anasco, where the expected winds from the West were reluctant to enter as in other occasions. We waited there until after 1:15 PM and decided to go for lunch and a walk around the southwest coast of the island. Specifically for the area of “​​Playa Sucia” and the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. This is a nice place that deserves everyone who has not visited it to take a little of their time to do so.

There we corroborate the intensity of winds. It was easily at 20 mph with gusts of 28 mph. On our way back to  Aguada, we decided to try to fly Anasco, and what a surprise when we returned to Rancho Grande. Ee had flight conditions. The wind came steady 8 mph from the SW. You could see clouds approaching, but they were still far away. Them, let’s fly…

Finally Evan achieved his first flight on the island, it was very pleasant and even reached the border with Rincon, and part of Mayaguez. Luis Ruiz flew alongside him part of the route. After 40 minutes, both had to land, the rain arrived and they packed just in time.

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