Saturday, February 02, 2019

During this past week, we had couple of activities. And we mentioned this because the weather has not being good and flying is a challenge. Luis Ruiz assisted on Tuesday, January 29, at Villa Pesquera of Isabela to provide the paramotor experience to a visitor from California, Nick who came accompanied by his wife Jacklyn. Although the wind was quite strong, the flight was made and Nick was very happy with his experience.

On Thursday 31st, it was the turn of the pilot Jonathan Luciano, resident of Chicago who was accompanied by his wife. This time we did not have the luck. We went in the afternoon to Rancho Grande of Anasco, where we usually have winds from the West in the afternoon. But today was from East. Also some episodes of rain appear. We decided to leave from there and venture to the “Parque Litoral” of Mayaguez to see if the west wind appeared there, and again there was nothing to do.

Third attempt of the day… We went all the way to Villa Pesquera of Isabela. We knew that there were strong winds, but it was the last chance of the day. When we arrived, we saw the possibility, but only if Jonathan managed to control Luis’ BGD Luna 22 paraglider. A small paraglider necessary to be able to fly that intensity of winds. Jonathan did quite well in the inflation, but when put the paramotor on his back, the wind continued to increase its intensity. After a couple of attempts, we decided to abort the flight plans. After that, Luis made a small flight, just to say that someone flew in the day 🙂 . Surely Jonathan would try in other occasion.

We arrived on Saturday, and Luis simply went on a private flight. From previous day the weather looks good. The flight conditions for the Southwest area of ​​the island would be excellent. He arrived at about 6:30 AM to the grounds of Freddy Rental in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. After the preparations, he launched at 7:00 AM and was flying until 8:20 AM. Luis covered over 35 miles of land, which took him from Cabo Rojo, to pass the Valley of Lajas and part of the town of Guanica. He flew over some misty clouds, and take some amazing videos of it. After returning, he went flying over Boquerón, which with the sun on its back, looked simply spectacular. For tomorrow there are major plans to fly in the town of Santa Isabel with a route to Coamo, we’ll see how it works. Stay Tuned…

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