Sunday, January 27, 2019

Today the route of flights and adventure took us to Rancho Grande of Anasco. After having a windy day yesterday, it was very nice to arrive to Anasco and have ideal flight conditions. The meeting time started at 11 AM, since in Anasco we have to wait for the winds to turn from the West, and this takes a few hours in the morning.

The first to arrive were Chey Sánchez and Luis Ruiz, and from there a lot of pilots and families from all parts of the island. We had a great day and surely a miss for the pilots that didn’t made the trip.

Team Kamikazes present:

• Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
• Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
• Dimas Ruiz, his wife Deli and children Anthony, Alanis and Darielito
• Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther
• Omar Román
• Gregory Santiago
• Antonio Arias and his friends Tim, Juanma Ochoa and his wife

The winds began to come from the West around 11 AM and stayed that way until the afternoon fell at 6:30 PM. The pilots took advantage of flying over the entire area. Luis, Omar and Chey launched to fly long distance. This included an aerial visit over the Municipal Beach where an antique car fair was held. (See photos). From there, they went to Rincon and when they returned, they reach Mayaguez. These pilots were followed later by Eduardo, Gregory, Dimas and Antonio who arrived with his tank full of gasoline ready to fly until empty it.

One observation that we need to mention is that, when Luis Ruiz returned from his fly in Rincon, he had an unexpected situation. The clinch bag of the paraglider that he always keep in the bottom of his harness, get loose and finished in the propeller 😲 . Apparently, he forgot to close the zipper of the harness when was preparing to launch. This situation could be serious if the problem arise when he was flying over Rincon with no space for landing. As you see, sometimes, smaller details escalate to major problems if we are not checking and flying wisely. We encourage to all pilots to always fly with a Plan B and respect the nature and our equipment. Luis manage to launch well after he removed the Clinch Bag from the propeller. But Chey Sanchez that landed close to Luis to see if everything is OK, lasted a half hour trying to launch from that spot…

So, at one point, and the most noticeable fly of the day, Omar and Gregory went flying to Rincon. They flew the entire west coast and arrived to the Nuclear Plant, without having encountered the crossing of easterly winds. It is the largest distance flown in that direction so far without getting the change of winds 😲 😲 . In the afternoon they tried to do the same in the direction of Mayaguez, but this time the situation was different. They find the change of winds (East/West) just passing the area known as “El Mani”. There were Antonio, Eduardo, Gregory and Omar flying.

👉 Video from Gregory Santiago arriving at Nuclear Plant in Rincon 👈

Luis Ruiz on his part made a passenger flight to the wife of Juanma Ochoa, who together with her husband are possible students of the Team. In addition, Luis was “practicing” his son Noah Enrique and his niece Alanis. Both were very happy with their experiences of feeling the fly feeling while were holding by Luis on the ground.

In the afternoon we went to dinner at Rancho Grande Restaurant. Eduardo and Antonio keep flying until the sunset appear. Everyone that make the trip to Anasco, was very happy with the experiences. See the photos and videos that we include with the story. We hope you like it.

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