Monday, May 27, 2019

Day of a lot of rain and floods for the whole island. But also, it was a Holiday (Memorial Day). Luis Ruiz went with the student/pilot Randy Tirado to Poza Teodoro in Isabela with the hope of flying around the north coast.

As expected, the rains were concentrated in the interior of the island. So, Randy and Luis had a very good window of good weather for flying. Randy was using his new Fly Products Rider Moster paramotor for the first time after “Break In”. And not only he made the first fly, he ended flying it 3 times. Each of his launch and land better by the time.

We left in the afternoon, and the rain that fell in large quantities through the area of ​​Mayaguez, caused Randy to activate one of his Power Floats. 😯 …

In the end it was a very well spent day on a beautiful beach.

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