Sunday, June 02, 2019

After suspending the flight activities yesterday, due to the weather. Today again we had to improvise from early in the morning. And is that with the arrival of the hurricane season, the climate behaves more active and we have to be aware of these changes.

It is not good to change at the last hour on the day of the activity, much less change the meeting point at the last minute. But this time, it was necessary if we wanted to fly. At 8 AM Luis Ruiz arrived at Villa Pesquera in Isabela, as announced. But since early in the morning the intensity of the wind was around 15 mph and the projection is to continue rising. A call to Pablo, who was on his way, made us decide to change the activity that same day for the site that always solves us when things get hard. Rancho Grande in Anasco. Was that, or share in Isabela, possibly unable to fly at least as we wanted.

So, we notified all the registration of pilots and friends of Team Kamikazes of our change of route. And of those positive things that sometimes happens. Again Anasco resolved us. There we had perfect flight conditions until 4 PM. And that was much more than we expected since the forecast announced rains for the day.

Pilots present:

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Gregory Santiago and his daughter Keyra Lis
Ricardo Gonzalez and his wife Ermelinda Albino
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Alex Diaz, his wife Belen and daughter
Chey Sánchez, his wife Arlene and parents of both
Omar Román
Randy Tirado
Javier Ramírez
Juan Carlos Correa
Dimas Ruiz
David Silva

Apart from the Kamikazes family, there were also a number of friends who were waiting to enjoy paramotor rides. From Guayama arrived Nelvin Burgos accompanied by his partner Ivelisse. From Aguada, but from Florida, USA, came Karen Williams and her son Michael, and from Anasco, arrived Margie Rosado, who saw us flying along the Rincón beach coast, and came all the way to Anasco, ready to enjoy his experience.

After the change of plans, the group of pilots began arriving at about 9:30 AM. Chey put on his part so that everyone was comfortable and came with a trimmer to clean up the area where we met. The wind started to come in from the West, as expected, around 10:30 AM. From that moment we have excellent flight conditions until 4 PM.

The active pilots were Pablo, JC, Gregory, Randy, Luis, Chey and Omar. Luis was attending and giving rides to the passengers, mostly in the direction of Mayaguez. While JC, Gregory, Chey and Omar went all the way to fly to the coast of Rincon. It was nice to see the novice pilot Randy demonstrate his great progress. He is already flying with the most experienced pilots in cross flights.

Among those present at the activity, it was nice to see Alex and Belén. Also David who attended the activity after being practically a month traveling off the island. He was in Hawaii and Mexico.

Between flight and flight, at a certain moment we saw Keyra practicing with a mini paraglider accompanied with  Noah Enrique. And as we said, we had excellent conditions until 4 PM when the rain came.

We are all very happy with the experiences, and as always we thank God for these opportunities. Here we present photos and videos of the activity that best describe what happened during the day🤗🤗.

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