Sunday, June 09, 2019

The place to be was Rancho Grande in Anasco. This after Michael Diaz planned to stay yesterday where he could not gets flying. Part of the Team Kamikazes make the quorum. Luis Ruiz, Javier Ramírez, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Randy Tirado, Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene said present. Also, Margie Román arrived, she made a flight as passenger with Luis last week and there she was present, ready to take another tandem flight. Not bad for not having planned much for the day.

The weather was as expected. We started receiving winds from the West around 10 AM. We took the opportunity to prepare Javier, who had arrived early and was ready and willing to take his second flight of the weekend and his  history.

Chey, Michael and Pablo went flying and Luis prepared the equipment for Javier and after a while he managed to make a front launch  right next to the Rancho Grande House. Again he did excellent. Later Luis launched with Margie, and the whole group  fly all the way to “El Pulguero” in Mayaguez, which was quite crowded. Michael was flying the BGD Luna from Luis, and was quite impressed with the performance.

Javier’s landing was very good. By the time he landed, Randy had arrived and was ready to take the Apco Thrust to fly. With a little more experience, we let Randy make his own decisions on the flight and that included the time of landing, and he made very good.

At 2 PM Gregory arrived with his daughter Keyra Lis, unfortunately by that time the weather had begun to deteriorate and we preferred to stay sharing at our meeting point. We were there until 4 PM, but the weather was not cooperating. It was a rainy weekend, but for us, it was one full of adventures💪.

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