Black Bull engine from Corsair – A disappoint failure….πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

It is the first time that I made a writing that affects the image of a product. But I understand it is necessary in view of the security risks it represents and to which I have been exposed. In this particular case, I speak of the Black Bull engine of 235 cc and 32 HP of the people of Corsair, Italy. Safety risks include both the pilot / instructor, his school and participants of the flight activities.

These engines have multiple problems. Its durability is very compromised and therefore, the safety of all who use it.

Why you use this engine?

This engine hit the market approximately three (3) years ago. It was a logical decision, given the good experience and reputation he had in previous years with Corsair’s Black Devil model. In Puerto Rico, there are several β€œBlack Devil” engines with hundreds of flight hours and they continue flying very reliably. The power presented by the Black Bull engine in the specifications, (32 Hp) were perfect for my professional Tandem flights in the paramotor to students and people who wanted to enjoy the flying experience.

When did you acquire it?

My first Black Bull engine was acquired in January 2017.Β  By April 2018, I acquired the second one, due to problems with the first engine. For this new purchase, Corsair reduced my Dealer price by 33%, indicating improvements in the engine that increased its durability … Additional, with another discount from Corsair (20%) I proceeded to buy parts to replace the damaged parts of the first engine. Always taking consideration to have a Plan B when working in Puerto Rico.

However, problems with these engines continued … There is a lot of disappointment about this product…

Disappointment? What do you mean?

I must indicate, that as a professional paramotor pilot and with the Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico school, I have 17 years of experience and currently about 1,755+ people have flown in Tandem with me in my sport career. At that time, I worked with various engine companies in the market. I can mention besides Corsair, the people of Vittorazi, Simonini, EOS and Rotax to name a few.

As a basic rule, all engines are properly maintained and continually supervised before and after each flight. This includes in-flight engine temperature monitoring, spark plugs, etc. In short we have thousands of hours of flight in various engines with generally positive experiences in each of them.

However, in two and a half years of experience with this Black Bull engine I only had problems. And not only has it been specifically in a particular part. I had problems in several areas. None of the two Black Bull engines that I have managed to provide me with 20 hours of uninterrupted use without any problem arising!

What problems have arisen?

I can list recurring problems …

1) Manual Start, the springs are continuously broken. Sometimes, faced with this situation and with people cited for flight, I have had to resolve at the moment in the flight area. This is starting the engine by hand turning the propeller. And with the unnecessary risks this present… The people of Corsair, at the time honored some guarantees in this particular. Beside, from my part I bought additional springs to have in stock in case of failures, but anyway have been a recurrent problem.

2) The piston broke in flight on my first engine. I had just 17 hours of running time in the motor when it broke. An eventual internal check on the engine showed that there were no problems with lubrication or gasoline / air mixture. The piston simply broke into a corner for no apparent reason. I eventually proceeded to buy the piston β€œkit” with the previous mention discount from Corsair.

3) The new silencer system. I have had recurring problems with the silencer rivets. Corsair initially covered some of the guarantee by applying a discount on the purchase of a new silencer, but the problem has continued. In fact, a third Black Bull engine purchased in Puerto Rico by one of my clients, in October 2018, is currently facing problems with rivets. Actually, the pilot has not made more than ten (10) flights with this engine. Corsair, decided not to send a new silencer to my client, although the product warranty is within the year. Instead, they tell me that my client needs to send the silencer to Italy for reconditioning. The client after some deliberation is considering send the silencer back to Italy.

4) Driveshaft … and this is the most worrisome situation…. Two engines and two breaks. In the first engine at 17 hours. In the second engine, bought in April 2018, with 9.0 hours of use!!!

This last rupture happened about ten (10) days ago while flying a young student weighing just one hundred (100) pounds. The temperature monitored for the motor in flight ranged from 310 to 350 F. The engine just stopped in the air without any advice…

In this occasion, Corsair, based specifically in the date of purchase of the engine reject any warranty for the engine… I made a second request soliciting a re-evaluation of the decision, explaining that it only took 9.0 hours of use for this motor to have this major failure. The request was accompanied by photos of TTO monitors of last flying, and include below in this article… The re-evaluation by Corsair was not accepted. Simply, they wrote to me.. “thanks for the feedback, sure you had your series of issue with the first Black Bull, we are well aware of them, since we have been giving you full assistance, meanwhile keeping developing our engines so to satisfy our customers.

Is NOT possible for a 9.0-hour engine to break a driveshaft. Is unacceptable!!!!. As a matter of facts, other engines in our use, have more than hundreds of air time without any issue. Same oil, same mix, etc…

Did you felt backed by Corsair?

I have let them know that I don’t feel safe with this engine and it is not right to invest or repair it. Also,Β  all these situations have led me and my passengers to unnecessary risks on multiple occasions. This is not about money, is about professionalism and make reliable and secure engines for our community of pilots.

I hope this writing, raise flag in the community of pilots worldwide. The people of Corsair have a lot of work ahead of them to make this engine reliable and safe. Also, their services and support in this situations could be way better…

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10 thoughts on “Black Bull engine from Corsair – A disappoint failure….πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  • Thank You for your opiniΓ³n, I has the same problem with a Polini Thor 200, they send me the “new kit” but with 3 failures and 2 Pistons and damage cylinders, I didn’t feel safe anymore with That piece of Polini crap as many people all over the Globe as I saw the comments…

  • Just curious, now that it has been a year have you any experience with a new engine. What did you replace this turd with, and what are your recommendations for replacing this disaster of an engine?

  • It appears that reliability is an issue with many paramotor brands including 4 stroke/cycle engines. Comprehensive test reports are sadly lacking to give buyers a guide to which engines to avoid purchasing. I own a 4 cycle engine which gave me nothing but trouble so now looking for a replacement with a good track record to mount on my lightweight trike.
    Presently waiting for a reply from the BHPA (British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association) Technical officer for a recommendation.

  • I’ll be honest here. I bought a blackbull and mounted it on a Paracruiser. Broke it in, and within 3 hours it seized.

    I was told that if it breaks again it wouldn’t be covered. No faith in Corsair.

  • Wow! I wish I found this article earlier! I own Black Bull since 2019 – for 3+ seasons now. And I had problems with it since the start. Total 5 pistons and 4 cylinders burnt. To be honest, the last season of 2022 was relatively successful, because a year ago I sent the engine back to Italy for repair. They did something to the driveshaft and the engine was much better since. Now I use the engine with a great care, with EGT and CHT installed – it helps, especially the EGT, which shows when not to push on the throttle.
    – Manual start is working, after I refurbished it myself and use very cautiously. The electric start though, is not working. It turns the starter but seldom starts the engine. Pretty useless deadweight.
    – Pistons – total 5 replaced
    – Silencer rivets – yes – I replace them frequently. Not a big deal, but irritating. Other engines often have worse problems with their exhaust, to be honest.
    – Driveshaft – yes, as I said: they said they replaced something “free of charge” in the driveshaft (maybe the whole thing) during factory repairs.
    About communication with CorsAir – I only can say good words. Consuelo – the manager I contact with – is very nice and understanding and replies by email very quickly. Though they never accept their problems and always suggest to upgrade certain hardware (new exhaust, new intake, etc).
    They DHL new parts very quickly.
    I am not pro in paramotors, I only flew 20+ years, this is my 3-d personal PPG engine, while I flew maybe a dozen more – each one had some problems of some sort (this is inevitable). Though, BB is a strange experience having problems from the start, but last season after the factory repairs it is somewhat “stable”.

  • bonsoir, pour moi idem ce moteur est une grosse merde, Γ©chappement cassΓ© deux fois la couronne dΓ©marreur a sautΓ© de la poulie moteur, bougie grillΓ© a rΓ©pΓ©tition je n’osait m’Γ©loigner du temp par peur de ne pas revenir je suis tombΓ© en panne en vol 3 fois ,vraiment cors air fabrique de la merde .

  • Oh Shi*
    Ive literlly just read this and only just placed an order for the black bull
    I have a freind with the Minari 200 and its bomb proof
    For such a simple engine i dont understand why the engines break so much
    \ive heard of holed pistons but thats due to lack of oil / leaned off to much
    yes the engines may run faster but lack of oild will kill them
    I origonally wanted a 4 stroke but the carb set ups and oil to valves when thrashing around in the sky is a big problem and for the extra weight and lack of power i decided against it.
    Im hoping that CORS AIR have addressed these issues by now and corrected any problems so fingers crossed im hoping it gives me a trouble free life.
    still worried though

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