Saturday, September 14, 2019

Except for extreme situations, Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico has been flying and sharing with the family for many weekends, and that is what it is all about 💪. This time we went to Hatillo North Park, a central place for all pilots on the island. So everyone could arrive to share. The weather was excellent, although as the hours progressed gets windy.

Pilots and friends present in the activity:

Gregory Santiago, his wife Iveyra and daughter Keyra Lis
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Ismael de León, his wife Maritza and daughter Ismarie
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Chelo Meléndez and his son Marcos
The brothers Joseph and Danny Cintron
Rubén Franco
Luis Ruiz
Robert Rodriguez
Sao Cruz
Randy Tirado
Omar Román
Eduardo Pabon

Early in the morning we already knew that the winds would rise in intensity. The experienced pilots Pablo, Omar, Eduardo, Luis, Ismael and Gregory went flying. All showing their skills in winds that sometimes exceeded 18 mph of wind. Even Eduardo went twice to Arecibo flying.

The rookie pilots, Ruben and Danny, were ready to fly. However, Luis understood that it was not correct. There are  certain natural hazards to the intensity of winds and he kept them practicing with the paragliders in the area. If there’s a bad attempt of takeoff and/or landing, it could generate unnecessary breaks or injuries. There will be better times to enjoy the sport.

This intensity of the wind, in turn, was an excellent opportunity for Chelo and his son Marcos. They practiced hard the cross-inflated exercises with the training paraglider, BGD Seed. With the assistance of Luis, both took advantage  and ended the afternoon with many more skills and ideas of the sport that when they arrived in the morning.

In the afternoon, Sao and Randy arrived from Ponce, and Robert from San Sebastián. But due the strong winds, they decided not to fly.

It was nice to see Ismael and his family, who had not shared with us for months, because Ismael’s professional commitments. He flew at one point with Luis over a research ship that was in the area.

We ended the activity early. There will be better days and flights. Always giving thanks to God 🙏.

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