Saturday, October 26, 2019

Another weekend, and another day of activity of Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico. This time we went to Hatillo North Park. Where despite the conditions were windy. We always take the opportunity to fly, practice and share with the family.

This time the pilots and friends present were Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Luis Ruiz, Omar Román, William Nadal, Gabriel Martínez and his wife Arlene and the brothers Danny and Joseph Cintron. Pilots Sao Cruz, Randy Tirado and Chey Sánchez met and flew in the area of Rancho Grande in Anasco.

Posted by Radames Tirado Zapata on Saturday, October 26, 2019

Although the conditions were windy in the northern area. This did not discourage pilots. Luis, Omar, Gabriel and Pablo went flying around without any problem. It was nice to see Gabriel, master the sport in wind levels above 15 mph, and William to give hard practices on the way to upcoming flights.

Gabriel Martinez making a good Launch at windy  conditions!

At one point, Luis Ruiz coordinated the flight of the young Yasiel, of just 7 years old. Yasiel is the son of Sharylin López, who had flown with Luis about two years ago and during this time we have expected little Yasiel to grow so he could take the flight with Luis. And the time had come. An Apco Lift EZ paraglider had to be used for this flight. And of course, Luis had the assistance of the pilots Danny, Omar, William and Gabriel when it took off. The flight was very good and as you can imagine, Yasiel, was very excited. He will surely remember this fly for the rest of his life 😉.

Young Yasiel at Launch!

Landing moment!

We picked up early. Several of the pilots agreed to return tomorrow to fly, this time in Isabela and with better weather conditions.

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