Sunday, November 03, 2019

Without much planning, this ended up being a great day of flights. And more, when yesterday we were all day at “Las Criollas” Beach in Barceloneta. It had a lot to do with great weather and prevailing good conditions to fly.

On the one hand, the pilots, David Silva, Juan Carlos Correa and Gregory Santiago pilots went to “Machos” Beach in  Ceiba, while Luis Ruiz, after considering his options, finally go to the traditional spot of Villa Pesquera in Isabela .

In Ceiba, the pilots had to wait for rain clouds to go away before flying, which they finally did in the afternoon.

David Silva flying together with Grego and JC in Ceiba…

Luis, however, had a different adventure in Isabela. The flight weather was excellent, but the waves in the shore were still quite large and need to fly with extra care.

While flying and land he met the couple of Farruco and María. Naturals from Barranquitas and Orocovis who were visiting the area and enjoying the beach at the time of the flights. Turns out that after chatting a bit about the sport, Maria was encouraged to go up with Luis to live the experience of the paramotor. As you could imagine, she enjoyed it very much and promising to return soon with other friends.

👉Mary Aponte fly (short video)…👈

Here we leave some photos of the respective activities. I hope you like it. God bless!

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