Monday, November 25 to Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The week began with the beginning of intensive courses for the new students of Team Kamikazes, Cameron Bailey and Spencer Fisher, who traveled directly from Washington State to do Intensive Courses on the island. During these first three days we were accompanied by Ted Sowinski, former student, now a pilot of our school. He is back on the island after fulfilling commitments abroad.

In the first two days we were accompanied by Chelo Meléndez and his son Marcos. Who were also training. Especially Marcos, with just 11 years old, on the way to his first “solo” flight in the paramotor.

The first two days the training was carried out mostly in Villa Pesquera Isabela. There, we gave a theoretical introductory of the sport to Spencer and Cameron, and then the classes of control the paragliding began. While this was happening, Ted assisted Luis in the practices and polished his flying skills.

In the afternoon of Tuesday, we moved the training to Rancho Grande de Anasco. The wind intensity was better and we were joined by student Jimmy Gueits and Team Kamikazes pilots Chey Sánchez, Randy Tirado and Berto García. Jimmy join the students in the practices. And the pilots decide not to fly, because the weather was kind of unstable.

For Wednesday, on the third day of training, we decided to do something different. We left very early in the morning for our flight area in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. Luis and Ted managed to make a morning flight that took them flying throughout the Lajas Valley and the fog that forms in the area. For Ted, it was mostly a personal challenge. He managed to take off by “Front Launch” for his first time at zero wind conditions. With this execution he raised his flight level to three stars, congratulations !!!

Luis and Ted landed at about 8:30 AM and Spencer and Cameron were waiting for them on ground. From there we went to breakfast and then visited the majestic place Lighthouse of Cabo Rojo and Playa Sucia. After that, we finished late in the day with more paragliding training in Rancho Grande Anasco. The conditions were not good and we leave from there early. Luis took the opportunity to adjust some equipment in his house with the arrival of the weekend that promises a lot of action. We get for dinner in the night and have a great time with the family 🤗.

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