Saturday, March 07, 2020

During last week we had a windy conditions all days to practice our sport. So, finally, we arrived on Saturday with much better conditions. The meeting point was “Parque del Norte” Hatillo. We coordinated during the week to conduct a grill BBQ there so that everyone who could attend, not only have the chance of fly, but had a good time between flights and great sharing. That’s idea was mostly from Pablo, and the rest just follows…

Pilots and family of Team Kamikazes present:

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Chey Sánchez his wife Arlene, and Cali, mother of Arlene
Chelo Meléndez, his wife Jessy and children Marcos and Arialis
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Luis Daniel Ayala and his wife Vanessa
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Alex Diaz and his wife Belén
Luis Cruz and his wife Carmen
Dimas Ruiz, his wife Deli and children Anthony, Alanis and Arielito
Noel Vale and his wife Tata
Pin Pin Castillo and her friend Yayi
José Roberto Nieves, his wife Amarilis and children
Carlos Robles, his wife and daughter
Omar Román
Ted Sowinski
José “TNT” Villanueva
Randy Tirado
Sao Cruz
Berto García

From early in the morning, Pablo arrived with the “Grill” ready to cook. Jessica was the coordinator in relation to the food and for everything to flow. We can mention great contributions of food and drink from Berto, Chelo, Roberto, Alex, Dimas, Chey and TNT. On behalf the “Kamikazes” family, we thank you all 💪✌️!!!!

About the flight situation, as Omar expressed, “if gets better, it damaged”. The weather conditions were just perfect, with a breeze that never exceeded 10 mph intensity. That was ideal for the practices of new students, as well as for the flights of pilots during all day.

From early in the morning, the students, Jessica, TNT, Danny Ayala, Alberto, Roberto, Chelo and Marcos began to practice paragliding inflation. Some of them just warm up to fly later. That was the case of Alberto, Roberto and Chelo. In the case of youth Marcos, he was practicing for long time with the paraglider BGD Seed. When the opportunity arose in the afternoon, he took a fly by the “Towing” method made by Pablo. We estimate that Marcos flew at over 60 ft of altitude. Apparently, his first “Solo” Fly coming soon…💪

TNT, however, had some technical problems at the time of launch with the Paramotor in his back. So, we  decided that he  would better continue with its practices in the process of flying in next activities.

By mid day, Chey Sanchez coordinated to have a long Paramotor Cross fly. He was followed by the pilots Randy, Sao, Pablo, Chelo, Roberto, Alberto, Omar, Ted and Alex. Some of them arrived flying all the way to the Guajataca Tunnel in Quebradillas in West direction, and to the Arecibo Lighthouse in the East direction.

In the meantime, Luis Ruiz, was attending students and gave a couple of passenger flights. One of them was made to Amarilis, Roberto’s wife, who enjoyed it very much 🙂… The pilots Berto and Dimas decided not to fly. Berto didn’t felt well physically and Dimas had not fly for a long time and didn’t feel comfortable to try during the day…

Video by a Drone of Ramon Mercado…


It was very nice to receive the visit of some Kamikazes pilots and family, who just take their time to share with us. This was the case of Ricardo, Pin Pin, Noel Vale and Luis Cruz, all of them with their respective spouses. Thank you guys for your support. It was very nice to see you 💪.

We were in Parque del Norte until it close at 6 PM. Everyone had a great time. We were blessed with a great weather to enjoy all day. Beside the videos shown here, we will work in a Official video of the activity… Stay Tuned…🤩

Thanks God for allowing us to live all this 🙏…


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