Wednesday, February 03, 2021

We meet in the morning in Villa Pesquera Isabela. Today Roberto Negrón, a native of Barceloneta, is starting his training. We also have the visit of the international pilot John Firman, a native of Pennsylvania, USA, who arrived accompanied by his wife Ivette.

Along with them, several members of Team Kamikazes gathered to share as a family.

David Garber and his wife Amara
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Noah Enrique and Ian Darrell, accompanied by his girlfriend Paola
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
José Gil Fuentes and his wife Jaymee
Hermes Ferrer and his wife Neysha
Sammy Badillo

The weather was excellent in the morning hours. Clear with NE winds around 5 mph. Under these conditions John, Alberto and David goes flying, while Luis began Roberto’s training. Hermes for his part practiced Paraglider inflation on the way to attempt to fly later in the day.

John was enjoying the smooth coastal flights of the island. Very different from what he is used to in Pennsylvania, where he resides. And even more in 80 degrees of temperature against its 30 degrees and snow that is in Pennsylvania at the moment. John indicated … “simply epic” 💪.

John Firman in Puerto Rico!!!

As the day progressed, the weather conditions began to change. The winds began to turn from the North direction until they were located from the West and finally from the SSW (with very bad air for flying).

Roberto Negron starting Training!!!

David, took Roberto on a training demo flight, while Luis and Ian launched testing the SENA communication of their new Helmets… After that, Luis was working with the Training of his Kid, Noah Enrique…

Noah Enrique gaining experience by the minute…

Then, prepared the equipment for the second flight of his young career of Hermes, and possibly the first for José Gil.

For this, and with the wind already coming from the West, Luis had to get quite far from the tent and walk for a few hundred meters in the direction of Quebradillas, where he got an acceptable take-off and landing area for the students / novice pilots.

Hermes Ferrer on his 2nd Fly Ever!!!

In the area where it normally takes off, Alberto and David had a difficult time getting out as the Villa Pesquera Condominium made the air turbulent. Sammy for his part managed to come out in those conditions.

Luis for his part assisted Hermes to launch and he made an excellent Take Off with great authority. He kept flying for about 25 minutes and his landing was also a good one. Then it was José Gil’s turn, but conditions continued to deteriorate. It was not possible for José to go out in these conditions despite having 3 attempts . His first Paramotor flight will have to wait.

Sammy flying Bad weather and Noah looking for the balloon…

After this, we simply enjoy the afternoon in this beautiful place. There are chances that the weather will spoil for the weekend, so we are evaluating doing an activity tomorrow. This time in Parque del Norte Hatillo.

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