Sunday, June 13, 2021

A sunny Sunday arrived and Team Kamikazes went to Villa Pesquera, Isabela. The weather, like all these days, has been very good to fly in the morning and too windy to fly in the afternoon. Today was no exception…🤨

Team Kamikazes family in the House…

Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neisha and children Yan and Katelyn
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Ariel Rodríguez and his wife Wanda
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell (his girlfriend Paola) and Noah Enrique
Robert Rodríguez and his wife Elba
Ricardo Gonzalez and his wife Ermelinda
Brothers Samuel and Adam Travis
José Luis Hernández and his wife Francheska (New student)
Sammy Badillo
Noel Vale

Early in the morning, Luis and Ian gave some Demo flights to new friends who were visiting us from North Carolina. In the meantime, the student Edgardo Rivera made his third flight in his short career, in fact, his 3rd flight of the weekend. He was accompanied in the air by the most skilled pilots, Sammy Badillo and Hermes Ferrer 💪.

Beginning his training was José Luis Hernández from Camuy. He began the theoretical part of the Training with Instructor Luis Ruiz for much of the morning and later he began with the principles of inflating and control the paraglider. For this, and due to the intensity of the winds, a small paraglider, BGD Seed of 14 meters, was used. José showed great ability to control the glider, so we do not doubt that he will soon join the rest of the pilots in the air.

Ricardo Gonzalez keep showing great skills with the Paraglider. Even in very hard winds conditions, he managed to keep inflation the Paraglider even over rocks that he use to jump for short flights.

In the afternoon, we closed the flight activity with our new friends Mariana and her family from Bolivia! They were taken to Isabela by our friend Bruni and her husband, who previously enjoy the fly. Also flying were Griselle from Aguadilla, Maribel Hernández and her family, who traveled all the way from Fajardo and Amaliel from Vega Baja. All fulfilling their goals of flying and had great times when making the flights 💪.

We closed the afternoon with the sound of Christmas… in Summer 😲!!!! (check the Video). Simply, just having a great time with the family. We were joined by 2 young athletes who work in the TV Show of “Guerreros” and with whom we coordinated some upcoming adventures… Blessings 🙏!!!


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