Saturday, July 31, 2021

The initial plans for this Saturday were to meet early in the Parque del Norte Hatillo. But a private activity in Hatillo made our access to the place limited. So we decided early in the morning to notify the entire Team Kamikazes, and we moved the activity to Villa Pesquera Isabela.

There we could enjoy our activity with more tranquility and attend to the people who approach us in search of information to start in the sport or Live their Experience. Everything was perfect in the morning although the weather was going to be a factor again in the afternoon, the winds would pick up again 😑.

Saying present were …

Eric Harthman with his wife Greta and friend Angie
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell
Mario Muniz
Darwin Hernandez
Samuel Travis (stayed in the West area to share with us)
Omar Colon
Sammy Badillo
Alberto Sabah

Again Darwin and Edgardo were planning early to go flying together. Yesterday it was not possible since Darwin had problems with the connection of his paraglider in the Paramotor and landed a couple of times to verify it while Edgardo waited for him in the air. Today it was Edgardo‘s turn to stay on the floor, who after several attempts was unable to fly. The wind got stronger and stronger as the minutes passed. The one who ended up accompanying Darwin on his flights was Sammy. As always showing elegance and safety on your flights.

Omar, on the other hand, has already settled down to fly with a lot of wind. Even today he climbed more than 2,000 feet in height and confessed to Luis that he is thinking of trying to break the height record of Nixon Porrata, established a few years ago (13,191 ft). In other hand, Samuel in these conditions and with his fast 17-meter Flow RPM paraglider, barely feels the intensity of the winds and simply enjoys walking the surroundings and many times pressing his speed bar 😉.

Luis Ruiz stayed in the field attending directly to the students Mario Muñiz and Eric Harthman, who were progressing very fast. Meanwhile Ian Darrell was dedicated to make the Demo flights with the supervision of Luis.

Neftalí Gonzalez and their daughters Thalia and Tamara came from Lares To Live their Paramotor Experience, The coordinator of this adventure was Thalia, but we must say that her father Neftali stole the shot and was the first to fly, 😃. All of them having a great time in their adventures.

In the afternoon there was not much to do, the winds rose to over 20 mph + and we ended the activity. The morning was well spent and everyone had good memories of it. And that’s what it’s all about, Thank God 🙏.


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