All Week Stories with Team Kamikazes, July 26-28-29-30, 2021

This week we were dedicated to carry out several Demo flights that we had pending to new possible students. They comes from different parts of the island. Despite sky clear, with no signs of rain, the wind again became strong after 10 AM every day. So we had to get up early to make the flights 🙂…

Monday, July 26, 2021

This day, Luis Ruiz was assisted by the friend and pilot of Team Kamikazes, Alberto Sabah, to carry out the flights. Cheryl Ramos and Stephanie arrived from Yauco. Also, Lesiram, Francheli and Helen came from Trujillo Alto. And finally Carlos, a possible student, is a native of Isabela.

As indicated, we had to take advantage of the early hours of the day to make the flights. Everything went perfect and each one of the people had their flight experience as imagined and even a little more. Cheryl commented, since she went flying that “it’s as if time stopped while I was flying.” And that is what it is about, that the experience is very well worth it and everyone has an unforgettable experience 💪🙏.

Alberto, after helping Luis, also went flying around. At around noon we were on our way home and the wind was already blowing at about 20 mph+.


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Today Mr. Mario Muñiz officially began his course. He flew with Luis on Friday, July 23, and there he was, ready for the beginning of his career in the Paramotor sport. Also, Edgardo Rivera arrived from Aguas Buenas. He came to continue polishing his skills. Mostly with the idea of the “Front” Launch takeoffs in light wind, but nothing to do. From the beginning the wind was harsh even almost to fly.

Luis Ruiz, prior to starting Mario’s training, assisted Edgardo on his take off, and then performed 3 Demo flights. One to Julie Anne, who currently resides in Aguadilla, and is also considering start her Training. And to the new friends Gabriel and Leonardo, who came from Lares to Live their Experience. Everything went very well, and the three of them had a great and unforgettable experience 💪 .

Later in the morning, we began Mario’s training. We covered a lot of theoretical part of the sport and all doubts that arose from the explanations. We finished the morning with a little practice of inflating the paraglider. But because of the strong wind, that didn’t last long, and we got Mario’s comment of “anda pal carajo”, when he feel the power of the paraglider in strong winds.. 😂. We will continue this practice early tomorrow.


Thursday, July 29, 2021

The same climate of the past days. After 9:30 AM it starts to get windy and around noon the wind surpasses 20 mph+. Very early in the morning arrived the new friend, Benjamin who was accompanied by his wife Heather. It turns out that Benjamin had been eager to fly for a long time. We finally managed to square off for today. Ian Darrell was in charge of the Flight, while he was accompanied in the air by Edgardo. (who again traveled from Aguas Buenas to continue polishing his skills).

Luis is limiting himself to just observing Edgardo’s procedure when connecting and proceeding to take off and land. Which Edgardo is making with excellence. For this actions and skills, Edgardo is already worthy of his second pilot level star. If he was not the fastest to arrive to the second star, he is close to that. Being one of the most skillful pilots who have put the most desire into the sport. Congratulations !!!!, There is reason to celebrate 💪💪💪!!!.

On the other hand, Mario was fully beginning to practice with the paragliding. Now with lesser wind intensity, Mario made enormous progress today, managing to keep the paraglider inflated for more than 30 seconds without being assisted. And despite finishing the morning well exhausted, but he was very happy with his training session 🙂.


Friday, July 30, 2021

Luis Ruiz was very early in the morning with new friends from Utuado. Gretalies comes with hes sons Oscar and Evangeline, to feel the experience of flying like a bird. The wind as usual was strong from the beginning. 10 to 15 mph early in the morning to18 mph+ after 10 AM.

The flights were made and new friends enjoy their experience. And that’s all about.

Again, we went home early. This has been the norm for the past two months… But we are blessed, thank God 🙏 .


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