5th Moonshine Fly In, Mountain City, TN – Friday August 06 to Saturday August 07, 2021

As part of our vacation. Luis Ruiz was in Florida, USA with his family. After an obligatory visit to the Disney and Universal parks, we decided to go a little tour of the USA by car. This decision led us to Atlanta, Georgia where we spent a day visiting the Georgia Aquarium and its Centennial Park. Very nice!

From there we went to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where we visited the historical “Lookout Mountain” and Ruby’s Fall. Highly recommended! All this as a harbinger of arriving at the 5th Moonshine Fly In of Paramotor, to be held in Mountain City, TN.

The road within the Tennessee territories was very beautiful. Then, after some 5 hours of driving, and within the mountainous area, we were only 5 miles away from our final destination. BUT we did not see any Paramotors in the air, which gave us some concern. Maybe there were 2 or 3 paramotors in the area and us? 🤔 That was the question at the time …

Finally as we got closer, we reached a beautiful valley, mostly planted with corn. And finally, we began to see Paramotors flying and not just a few, but a large number. At the time of arrival there were about 20 flying around and many more on the airport grounds 💪.

We were already feeling at home, as Jessica Cruz, Luis’s wife, repeated. A great camaraderie reigned in the place, many pilots in the area and most with a good level of flight. The wind was very light so the takeoffs were the challenge to overcome. Some on foot and others using Trikes. A lot of Trailers and Camping in the Airport.

We quickly contacted Cody Bock, organizer of the Event. He was quite busy with so much movement at the airport. This time we were not prepared to fly, just enjoying the view. We dedicated to seeing the customization that some pilots had in their equipment and getting to know some more of our brothers in the sport.

For a better idea of the Event in general, I complement this story with a small video and some photos of the activity.

We were only there on Friday PM and Saturday AM, since we had a long trip back to Florida (around 12 hours driving by road) to return to Puerto Rico. Blessings 🙏!!!


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