Paramotor Related – SkyMax Pulsar – Raising the Bar…

We are proud to announce the NEW SkyMax FRAME PULSAR to be released this  autumn. 

It will compliment the existing SkyMax product range.


  • Designed for experienced pilots
  • 35% lighter than Star frame
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Compact
  • Fully titanium


The frame is incredibly light. It weights ONLY 3,5 KG!!!

SkyMax PULSAR paramotor with Moster 185 Plus engine weights only 20.5 kg, which is:

  • 15% LIGHTER than the Star unit
  • 20% LIGHTER than Parajet Maverick
  • equipped with the same engine.

This outstanding result was achieved by:

  • using certain materials and components
  • minimalist design with every element being engineered to best possible grade;
  • using unique SkyMax soft fuel tank.


PULSAR is all-round titanium frame.

The tubes used are of a specific size and shape, getting the weight down to minimum but still being strong and robust.

As the result, the frame is incredibly light. It weights ONLY 3,5 KG!!! This is 35% lighter than the SkyMax Star model.


With PULSAR frame SkyMax Paramotors introduce the innovative solution for the fuel system. Instead of original 15 liters fuel tank, we designed the 8 liters soft fuel tank with no external cover, placed in the lower harness pocket. Therefore, pilot literally sits on the tank.

This solution delivers the following benefits:

• Reduced weight: 8 liters instead of 15 liters, no extra cover, no special fastenings to fix the tank;

• Improved aerodynamics: fuel tanks, placed in the frame produce massive amount of drag and reduce the efficiency of the propeller, getting the overall efficiency of the paramotor down, resulting in less thrust and speed. PULSAR tank is placed underneath the seat and does not produce any drag.

PULSAR soft fuel tank has the following specs:

• 8 liters that suffice for 1-hour flight plus some extra fuel reserve.

• Made of 2 layers of fuel-resistant nano plastic material which is strong and doesn’t let any smell of the fuel out.

• High resistance to stretching and scratches.

• Has no cover, as it is placed underneath the pilot’s seat.

• Transparent, so it is easy to check the actual fuel level

• The fuel can be used till the very last drop as the tank shrinks whilst the fuel is used. 


PULSAR frame has an improved AERODYNAMIC characteristics, producing less drag, due to the newly introduced features:

• 8 liters soft fuel tank is placed underneath the pilot’s seat in the lower pocket of the harness. Therefore, there is no drug generated by the fuel tank;

• The net is made of thinner (in comparison to Star frame netting) Dyneema lines of 0,6mm diameter with larger cell size. This results in 50% reduction of the form drug, produced by the netting, whilst it still being strong and robust.

• The quantity of the beams is reduced from 5 to 3  in order to decrease the weight and drug.

• The whole design of the frame is minimalist in order to reduce the drag as much as possible, giving the frame the nice and elegant outlook.


During free flying, up to the 50% of the form drag is generated by the wing’s lines. In paramotoring, the net usually generates a lot of drag as well. In comparison to SkyMax STAR frame, the lines used at PULSAR netting are thinner and have a larger size of the cell. Lines are only 0.6 mm in diameter, however, are strong enough to hold 50 kg each.

The cell size is 90 x 90 mm. Therefore, we use 25% less of Dyneema cord per netting.

As a result, we achieved 50% drag reduction in comparison to Star frame netting.   


PULSAR is an incredibly compact frame when disassembled, due to minimalist design and a quick release system of the S-bars and beams. In order to make it even more compact and travel-friendly we designed a travel case made from ABS-plastic. The case dimensions are 750*590*400 mm and the weight is 8 kg. The whole paramotor unit can travel with you as a standard airplane luggage with no extra luggage fee. It will also fit into the boot of your car. The tank doesn’t smell fuel, so that will not cause any inconvenience.

The case is a part of PULSAR paramotor unit but can be ordered separately as well. 


Despite PULSAR and Star frames are being different in their concept and target audience, we tried to save as much of the Star frame benefits as possible. 

Star owners were always pleased with the TIME pre flight assembly takes and frame MODULARITY. 

With PULSAR we introduced the quick-release system, when all the beams (only 3 instead of traditional 5) are clicked in and clicked out with the push of the button instead of screwing in. The S-bars have the button-release system as well. 

This solution speeds up the paramotor assembly massively.


Modularity is another benefit, introduced initially in Star frame and developed further in PULSAR. Within Star frame, almost every part of the frame can be replaced separately, so maintenance and repair become really prompt and inexpensive

PULSAR frame has modular design as well, so beams, s-bars, cage, the central part and all the small bits can be changed separately. The only difference is that unlike the Star frame, PULSAR left and right beams are not interchangeable and have to be ordered specifically for each side.


The difference is in the AUDIENCE.

  • STAR is a universal frame, designed for both beginners and experienced pilots. In comparison to PULSAR, it has increased passive safety and launching/landing mistakes are allowed. At the same time it is light, strong, well balanced and is a great choice for experienced pilots as well.  
  • PULSAR is designed specifically for experienced paramotor pilots. It’s small weight and improved aerodynamics contribute towards the best possible efficiency of the paramotor. It is a perfect choice for slalom, competitions and those pilots who love relatively short and demanding flights. It does not permit the bottom-style landings and is not as good for beginners.

For now PULSAR will be available only with Moster 185 Plus engine. Frame colors available: black, blue, orange, red.  Net colors: yellow, blue, red.

The sales will start later this autumn, approximately in November 2021. The prices will be added during this week at our SHOP area in the Paramotor Section of Skymax. In the meantime if you’re in a Hurry Just ask me directly for quote at (787)717 2384.

If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to ask. 

Kind Regards

Luis Ruiz – USPPA Instructor – Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico

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